Tips to Manage Work Stress


The term ‘Burnout’ has become increasingly popular to define work pressure. Work stress is a real thing and can severely impact your health, relationships, and lives.

If you have come to the verge where handling work stress if out of your league, don’t hesitate to ask for help. The nature of your job may define your level of work stress, be it long work hours, your relationship with peers, job security, etc. make sure you address the issue before it is too late.

Every job at some point may have stress, even if you love what you do. The short term work stress may be the anxiety to meet deadlines or a challenging task, but when the work-stress becomes chronic it can affect your physical and emotional wellbeing. One may start facing sleep issues, blood pressure, heart issues, and impaired immune system due to the ongoing work stress. The stress triggers and how each one of us deals with it is different in everyone’s case.

Here are some common principles you can apply to ensure you have the right work-life balance:

Get over the ‘Invincibility’ Myth

We all have done all the stupid things in our early teenage days like driving too fast, staying up late to study, play with fire, and drink too much. We all got away with this with our casual approach towards mortality- the mindset of being able to do anything. However, at one point in life we begin to realize our capacity to handle and that we aren’t invincible. We began to accept the reality that we burn out, we get sick, and we are vulnerable. We all are familiar with how life is hard quotes so we should stop making it furthermore complicated.

Take a moment to recognize your threshold, and let people know that you have reached your maximum potential to handle any additional work.

Learn to Say ‘No’

As simple as this may sound, a lot of us struggle to say ‘No’, but if you really want to maintain your sanity, this is the best practice you can adapt to function at your peak. This is usually the case when we keep on taking work until we realize we are juggling with too much to handle. Stop being a hero, the news is, if you take on too much you won’t be able to deliver the way you would have ideally imagined.

We all struggle with the approach that if we say no, we will not be looked upon as determined, dedicated employee. When we set unrealistic goals for ourselves, we are setting ourselves to fall short.

A lot of reason ‘Why’ we constantly say ‘Yes’ is rooted in the fear, the fear of not being promoted, the fear of losing the job or be disliked by the manager. Saying ‘No’ is definitely a difficult thing to do at work, but every time you say ‘Yes’ know that you are compromising on your health, happiness, and productivity.

Reach Out – Don’t Suffer in Silence

The simplest thing to manage work stress is reaching out, sharing your stress with someone you rely on. This is a highly effective way to blow off steam and regain your calm. It doesn’t necessarily mean that reaching out would solve the problem, but letting it out would definitely be a de-stressor.

Asking for support may be from anyone, be it friends, family, even if it’s just to vent and let it out. Know that you have to manage your feeling of overwhelm and things that trigger stress. A problem shared is really a problem halved. Sharing is the easiest way to start recovering your inner self and dropping your stress levels.

Give your Body the Fuel it Needs – Eat, Sleep, Exercise

Your brain feels less stressed if you are feeding your gut with healthy fruits, vegetables, and clean protein. Stress is not a joke to overlook, your health is at stake when you are stressed, while also affecting your work productivity.

Ensure you are sleeping well as our brain and body recover during sleep and help us tackle our life routine the next day. Take a break when you feel you are burning out, we all need to reset to regain ourselves. Make use of vacation days and try to do a fun thing that relaxes your mind.

One of the major stress relievers is exercise, physical activity releases feel-good stress relieving chemicals. Whenever you feel stressed, move, run around, dance, doing so gets your blood circulating and make you happy and help you fight off the stress triggers.

The Takeaway

Eliminating or getting away from work stress in today’s modern fast-paced environment is difficult. However, we can tackle work stress by engaging into balanced healthy work practices. We all deserve to live a peaceful, stress-free life. It’s never too late to start a true work-life balance.