TIM joins voucher scheme to boost ultra-broadband in Italy


TIM is joining the Italian government’s Voucher scheme, managed by Infratel Italia, to boost the use of ultra-broadband across the country.

As of Monday 9 November, all TIM customers without an ultra-broadband connection and with an ‘Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator’ (ISEE) of less than 20 thousand euros, will have access to the 500-euro bonus to set up an Internet connection of at least 30 Megabits per second, as well as purchase a tablet or PC.

The ‘TIM Super Voucher’ offer comes at a particularly sensitive time for Italy and confirms the company’s commitment to the digitisation plan and dissemination of new technologies. The initiative will make it possible to extend access to fast Internet to all Italian households, including those with the lowest spending capacity, enabling them to work and study remotely, use public online services, as well as enjoy TV and entertainment streaming services.

The ‘TIM Super Voucher’ is a dedicated offer which includes a connection up to 1 Giga, a HUB+ modem with Wi-Fi6, unlimited calls to all landline and mobile numbers, along with the choice of a tablet or PC.

The Voucher is worth a total of 500 euro, including:

a 200 euros contribution to activate the Internet connection, paid directly in your TIM invoice through a 10-euro monthly bonus over 20 months. Customers can activate TIM Fibre at the price of €19.90/month (instead of €29.90/month).
a 300 euros contribution if a tablet or PC is purchased at the same time. In this initial phase, TIM is offering two exclusive products: the Samsung S6 lite WiFi tablet (at only €29.90 instead of €329.90) and the Onda Oliver Plus 15.6” PC (at only €99.90 instead of €399.90).
The ‘TIM Super Voucher’ is targeted at new customers and those who do not yet have an Internet connection with a speed of more than 30Mbps. It can be activated from all commercial channels, including tim.it, 187 and TIM stores.

All the details of the Voucher scheme and any limitations in place in certain Regions can be found on the website: www.infratelitalia.it.

The ‘TIM Super Voucher’ initiative will be promoted with a TV, radio and digital communication campaign (from November 8 until December 6), and information will be provided at all TIM touch points.

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