Telia, Ericsson achieve 99 percent 5G coverage in Lithuania

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Telia, the leading Nordic and Baltic digital communications company, through an exclusive partnership with Ericsson, has reached a significant milestone of achieving 99 percent geographical 5G coverage in Lithuania.

This remarkable achievement not only establishes Lithuania as a standout player in the global 5G landscape but also unlocks boundless possibilities across various industries, fueling economic growth, and positioning Lithuania as an attractive destination for investors and technology developers.

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Over the period of 2021 to 2023, Telia Lithuania successfully completed the modernization of its network with Ericsson‘s cutting-edge radio access network (RAN) equipment. This collaboration has empowered Telia to establish a countrywide, advanced 5G network on 3.5GHz and 700MHz frequencies, ensuring high-speed data availability throughout Lithuania. The seamless integration of Ericsson’s state-of-the-art technology showcases Telia’s commitment to delivering superior quality services to its customers. This comprehensive network upgrade includes the introduction of ultra-fast communication base stations in existing sites, paving the way for future development and innovation.

Ericsson’s 5G Massive MIMO radio has been instrumental in this achievement. The antenna-integrated radio (AIR) solution, specifically AIR 3268, with its smaller and lighter design, offers increased bandwidth and higher capacity, enabling Telia to provide lightning-fast and reliable 5G connectivity across the entire country. The efficiency of Ericsson’s AIR 3268 aligns with Telia’s goal to achieve zero CO2 emissions in its operations by 2030, making it an essential component in their commitment to sustainability.

By achieving nationwide coverage in record time, Lithuania sets a new standard for 5G deployment worldwide, reinforcing its prominent position on the global stage. Furthermore, this milestone plays a pivotal role in the development of a more sustainable digital economy, with the network being approximately ten times more energy-efficient than previous generations of mobile technology.

Andrius Šemeškevičius, Head of Technology at Telia in Lithuania, says: “Telia recognizes the need to transition to a more advanced network to meet the demands of increasing data traffic, subscriber growth, and deployment. The adoption of Ericsson’s cutting-edge solutions not only adds capacity to the network but also enables opportunities such as fixed wireless access. Telia’s commitment to modernizing the network can serve as a good example for other players at the market and positions Lithuania as a global leader in 5G innovation.”

Daniel Ode, Acting Head of Customer Unit Northern and Central Europe at Ericsson, says: “Our Massive MIMO technology offers communication service providers the larger bandwidth of the mid-band to deliver powerful 5G experiences nationwide. This sets the stage for an exhilarating journey towards unleashing advanced 5G capabilities that will benefit every corner of the country, including the most remote areas. It also provides additional capacity to meet the growing demands of businesses across Lithuania, allowing them to operate in any geographical region. This development has the potential to attract investors and technology developers, driving economic growth and prosperity. Together, Telia and Ericsson are poised to shape a future driven by the transformative power of 5G.”

Lithuania’s 5G development is an extraordinary success story, achieved in a remarkably short time. After negotiations regarding the 5G frequencies, Lithuania was the last European country to join the 5G bandwagon and the country’s authorities gave the green light for its official launch only in autumn 2022. Despite facing all the challenges, Telia partnered with Ericsson, and completed the project ahead of schedule, with no service interruptions.

The impact of this achievement extends beyond superior quality services. It drives economic growth in Lithuania by attracting investors and enables various applications, including fixed wireless access, enhanced workspaces, immersive reality experiences, and the potential for autonomous deliveries. Industries such as transportation, healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing stand to benefit from the groundbreaking power of 5G.