Telefonica Spain Selects Huawei to Construct 100G Intelligent Metro Network

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Huawei and Telefonica are engaged in the joint deployment of 100G intelligent metro network in Spain, helping Telefonica to modernize metro networks for richer and higher-quality broadband services and better user experience in the next 10 years.

As Telefonica is committed to offering the best network connectivity to ensure consistent end-to-end (E2E) user experience, in order to effectively support the development of new high bandwidth-demand services and the transformation of data centers (DCs) Telefonica proposed the strategic objective of metro network refurbishment. This network will be key as the underlying transport layer for Telefonica´s network.


Huawei’s metro Optical Transport Network (OTN) solution uses the most advanced optical networking platform, providing auto-restoration features based on GMPLS control plane, which supports smooth evolution to Transport SDN (T-SDN).

Based on unified network management and E2E OTN grooming, Huawei’s metro OTN solution is nearly twice more efficient than traditional solutions regarding service provisioning and management, thereby helping Telefonica to achieve the strategic objectives.

In addition, this solution provides 100G/200G bandwidth and supports evolution to 400G bandwidth, meeting the bandwidth requirements of the new 4K video and Telefonica Data Center Interconnect (DCI) services in the next 10 years.

After the network reconstruction, Telefonica metro OTN network will have a simplified and meshed architecture which enables one-hop transmission. This ensures the lowest latency and provides an ideal foundation for 4K video services.

“In Telefonica Spain, the rapid growth of new content and video services demands higher requirements from metro networks.” said Javier Gutiérrez, Director of Network Strategy and Development, Telefonica Spain. “The high-efficient and intelligent metro networks provided by Huawei have ultra-high bandwidth with low latency, which perfectly match Telefonica Spain strategic objectives. Deploying our metro network with new Huawei technology, we can greatly increase metro network capacity and reduce service provisioning time to provide high-quality network experience for customers.”

Zha Jun, President of Huawei Fixed Network Product Line, said: “We are pleased to work with Telefonica de España to jointly build intelligent metro network, which is an important milestone in our global metro network reconstruction. This project will meet the future requirements for 4K video development and DC network reconstruction and achieve intelligent and efficient network management. Huawei will continue to research and innovate to provide customers with sustainable, evolvable, and efficient solutions.”

Huawei is a leading fixed broadband solution provider offering advanced metro WDM/OTN bearer solutions. Up to now, Huawei WDM/OTN solutions have been commercially deployed in about 30 projects in more than ten European countries, including UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.