Taiwan’s AVer Unveils New PTC500S Auto Tracking Camera


Taiwan based AVer has unveiled the new PTC500S Professional Auto Tracking Camera. The PTC500S is equipped with the latest tracking algorithms, which provide users with three powerful and unique Strategic Tracking Modes that bring enhanced target tracking to your live event broadcasting or video capturing.

The camera is geting showcased at the ongoing Smart City Summit & Expo (SCSE) in Taipei.

Built with a new intuitive GUI and advanced chipset for increased compatibility functionality, the PTC500S is simple-to-use and lets you create, record, or stream video without an operator with ease.

As the next generation of the Taiwan Excellence Gold and Red Dot Award winning PTC500 Series, the PTC500S’ advanced tracking capabilities are displayed within its proprietary Strategic Tracking Modes. AVer Wide Area Tracking provides presenters the flexibility to leave the stage and interact with a crowd or students, even if becoming obscured by people or objects.

AVer Stage Tracking lets you track your target with Effective Zone settings that allow for the creation of up to 8 blocking zones to capture strategic professional looking video in any lighting condition. Lastly, split your Effective Zone into four Content Zones for tracking between designated areas to capture content displayed on multiple surfaces or in classrooms that use multiple educational teaching tools or blackboards with AVer Segment Tracking.

A newly customized WebUI offers users the flexibility to control the PTC500S’ advanced tracking systems remotely from your smart devices. Created to give users a simple and easy-to-follow user experience, WebUI is the pinnacle of user friendly GUI for auto tracking cameras and lets you easily create, record, or stream professional video.

The PTC500S provides precise target tracking through AVer target recognition algorithms. Capable of distinguishing a target in difficult lighting conditions or in a crowd, the PTC500S is the next step in auto tracking camera functionality. Further equipped with a powerful PTZ camera with 30X zoom and secondary panoramic camera, the PTC500S can track your target anywhere all while providing crystal clear images from any sized room.