T-Mobile Unveils Magenta Drive for BMW

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T-Mobile has unveiled Magenta Drive for BMW and the first 5G connected cars in the United States. The all-new BMW iX and i4 models for 2022 are now equipped with T-Mobile 5G and have unlimited 5G connections, allowing you to turn your car into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and connect all your devices in the vehicle, as well as unlimited voice connections.

As vehicles become more connected to the world around them, people on the move can access America’s largest and fastest 5G network.

Available for postpaid customers at $20 per month, T-Mobile Magenta Drive for BMW can turn any qualifying BMW vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot on America’s most awarded 5G network – for blazing-fast data and Wi-Fi Fi connections as well as voice calls in the national network of T-Mobile:

Leave your phone at home and use your personal cell phone number to make calls in the car.

Never miss a call again, as you will be informed of incoming calls on your cell phone and in the vehicle at the same time.

Download content to up to 10 devices simultaneously with unlimited 5G hotspot data.

Log into a compatible BMW and follow-me connectivity customizes everything, just like in your own car.

With Magenta Drive for BMW, customers receive an unlimited volume of 5G hotspot data so that the occupants can go online to their heart’s content at any time. In addition, thanks to the advanced antenna systems in the new BMW iX and i4, passengers will receive a stronger and more stable mobile signal than before – as well as higher data throughput for 5G in the vehicle and for the WLAN.

“In 2019 we rolled out the first nationwide 5G network, and today we’re celebrating another milestone that further extends our leadership in 5G,” said Callie Field, president, T-Mobile Business Group. “Another 5G first is the deployment of the first 5G connected vehicles in the US, and we’re proud to do this alongside BMW, a company that trusts T-Mobile with its vehicle connectivity.”

With Magenta Drive for BMW, drivers and passengers on America’s highways will have reliable 5G connectivity. T-Mobile’s 5G network covers more than 96 percent of America’s interstate highway miles — 16 percent more than the next best network, according to data from network information provider Ookla®.

Already, T-Mobile’s 5G network is changing the way people get things done. Almost half of the data traffic on T-Mobile’s network is carried over 5G, enabling everything from cloud-based services and working from anywhere to console-quality gaming and downloading HD movies. Indeed… T-Mobile 5G has opened up new possibilities! And while 5G delivers speeds you can use to work, video chat, play computer games and more, millions of people are migrating from their unloved Internet Service Provider to the groundbreaking 5G Home Internet. T-Mobile launched 5G home internet in April last year, and as of the most recent quarter, the Un carrier was the fastest-growing broadband provider in the US.

T-Mobile is the market leader in America with the largest and fastest 5G network. T-Mobile’s Extended Range 5G covers 310 million people across 1.8 million square miles. With Ultra Capacity, offering coverage of 210 million people, the Un carrier continues to extend its lead, bringing super-fast 5G speeds to more places than anyone else.