Sri Lanka’s Mobitel Launches Inflight Roaming Services


Mobitel, Sri Lanka’s national mobile service provider, is reaching new heights with its superior roaming facilities that offers a higher level of connectivity onboard across 15 leading airlines with voice, SMS and data accessibility to suit the roaming requirements of Mobitel customers travelling to almost any part of the world.

The special inflight roaming services would be available among airlines including Sri Lankan Airlines, Emirates, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Saudi Airlines, Oman Air, Royal Jordanian and many more.

Being the network with the widest coverage, Mobitel’s in-flight data roaming plans would allow post-paid customers to browse the web while flying for as low as Rs.65/- per MB, further to ensure added-convenience, roaming customers would receive a usage notification on their mobile phones.

Mobitel Inflight roaming is a special service that enables travelers including business and leisure travelers a multitude of services on their mobile phone while onboard. The service provides, seamless access to voice, data and SMS services that provide uninterrupted coverage in an aircraft enabling Mobitel’s customers to use the same number throughout the journey.