Spotlight on Wearables: “We want to drive wearable ecosystem that delivers everyday benefits to consumers”

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As there is a huge upsurge in the market acceptance for wearable technology today, Motorola is recognizing this as an enormous opportunity and will continue to invest in the wearables segment, bringing in innovative devices for consumers that help them ‘make time’.

As part of TelecomDrive Spotlight on Innovative Wearables – Amit Boni, General Manager, Motorola Mobility speaks with Zia Askari about the whole approach of Motorola towards wearables and how the company is looking at future trends in this space.


How does the company look at the Indian market for wearables? How big would be the opportunity?

We live in an age that is surrounded by messages, news and other information. There are a plethora of devices available for consumers to choose from, which is why they are left to decide why they need to make space for yet another device.

The global Smartwatch market has a potential to reach $32.9 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 67.6% during 2014 – 2020. And there are potential opportunities in Industrial , Connected Home, Health, Security, Fashion or within the Internet of Things. With an upsurge of wearable technology, we recognize this as an enormous opportunity and will continue to invest in the wearables segment and bring devices for consumers that help them ‘make time’.

How are you as an organization targeting this market opportunity?

We are looking at providing customers new experiences that will free them up to do things that they love and help them make time. People today are looking at devices that give them more styles, more features, more battery along with countless design possibilities to suit their tastes. With our focus on this segment, we want to drive the overall wearables ecosystem that delivers real tangible everyday benefits to end consumers. Applications and segments have to be identified and prioritized to find a relevant timing and positioning on the market. For consumers to invest in a smartwatch & other wearables, the benefits need to be highlighted more strongly – articulation should be as easy as it is today for activity trackers.

What are some of the big advantages and USPs that your brand brings for the Indian market?

The Moto 360 was the first smartwatch that actually looked like a watch with a classic and timeliness design. Moreover, it comes with metal as well as leather variants to suit your style. With the latest Android wear, Moto 360 allows you to stay in the moment, without having to physically hold your smartphone. All important notifications and information are available at a glance.

Our device is Wi-Fi enabled, which implies that you can remain connected even if your smartphone is out of range. Moto 360 here is there to make good on technology’s promise. In fact, now that Android wear has opened its platform for iOS as well which means consumers can use the watch with an iPhone right out of the box, and not have to worry about compatibility issues. When synchronized, Android Wear users can see phone calls, messages and notifications from their iPhones. They can also track fitness and use tip and reminder functions.

Whether it is a smartwatch or a health band – it is all about how good are your sensors in terms of delivering accuracy and usability. How do you ensure that your wearable devices deliver the best to your customers?

We believe a wearable fitness device should be one that provides a holistic experience that enables one to lead a healthy lifestyle. Accurate sensors are pertinent to ensure that one is able to track their heart rate as well as calories they burn. At the moment we don’t have any wearable devices to our collection. It’s an opportunity we may explore in the future.

What are some of the global trends in wearables that are likely to impact the Indian market?

In today’s global day and age, trends in one part of the world, travel across the globe in no time. The wearables market maintained its upward trajectory in the first quarter of 2015. There were plethora of brands rushing to create an impact in the market and get consumer attention. While some introduced great technology some were just cheap copies of successful brands.

According to IDC, Worldwide Wearables Market Forecast to Grow 173.3% in 2015 with 72.1 Million Units to be Shipped. Wearables will see plenty of growth in the future especially in sports and fitness space. India is a technology savvy market and consumers will certainly pick up from the global trends.

Please share your go to market strategy for India? How do you look at placing your wearable range at traditional channel partners, LFRs and telecom channel partners in India?

We are very excited about the wearable space. India has a growing wearable market and we are always exploring and looking to bring in new products and options for our consumers.

What kind of growth are you looking at and where is this growth going to come from?

The wearables space will see exponential growth in the future. The global market for smartwatch is gaining prominence due to its potential to replace traditional watches and functionality similar to smartphones. Over the next decade, the market is expected to witness product based revolution with newer sensor technologies emerging. Further, since the market is still in its evolutionary phase, it would create opportunities for new companies to enter the market, eventually leading to an increased level of competitiveness.

The smartwatch market, in particular, will grow massively, boosted also by a growing sub-segment of independent devices which will include a SIM card to connect directly to cellular networks – making these more akin to existing smart phones.