Silver Star Communications Picks Calix to Compete With Consumer Giants

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Calix, Inc. has announced that Silver Star Communications is harnessing the power of the complete Calix Revenue EDGE solution to deliver the Ultimate Wi-Fi Experience, solidifying its relationships with subscribers and fending off trillion-dollar consumer brands.

Silver Star first deployed the GigaSpire® BLAST in 2019, delivering industry-best Wi-Fi 6 coverage and establishing functionality through which it could continuously and effortlessly upgrade the subscriber experience thanks to the power of the EXOS® platform and EDGE Suites.

With a 74 percent adoption rate of the CommandIQ™ mobile app, the Wyoming communications service provider (CSP) now owns a direct channel to engage with subscribers instantly. This opens the door for Silver Star to tap upsell opportunities and deliver more revenue-generating applications as Calix adds partners to EDGE Suites.

With the CommandIQ mobile app—which Calix designed and can be branded under the CSP’s name—subscribers can customize their experience, run speed tests, leverage voice services, set application priorities, manage parental controls, secure their entire home network with ProtectIQ™ and much more. At the beginning of 2020, Silver Star rolled out the CommandIQ app (which it branded as the Silver Star Home Zone app) and has promoted it with every BLAST system installation. By bundling ProtectIQ as a service along with its BLAST systems, Silver Star has driven an impressive 81 percent adoption rate of the advanced security app. The regional CSP will embrace Calix Marketing Cloud further in 2021 to leverage subscriber data and drive similar upsell opportunities.

The regional CSP delivers comprehensive and differentiated services with amazing whole-home coverage built on the most advanced subscriber and network intelligence through EDGE Insights. Silver Star is managing subscriber experiences proactively through Calix Support Cloud (CSC), resolving three-fourths of trouble tickets without a truck roll—half in a single call. Furthermore, with access to the deep expertise from Calix Customer Success Services teams, Silver Star customer support teams are implementing best practices that deliver superior customer care and create value.

“Tapping into everything that the Revenue EDGE has to offer has given us a new, holistic approach to center our entire business model around the subscriber experience,” said Barbara Sessions, VP and COO for Silver Star. “We now have all the pieces in place to stay ahead of what our communities expect and what our competitors can deliver, but it all starts with serving our subscribers. Customer service is paramount to us, so in the event of network issues or trouble calls, it is vital that we resolve them with minimal disruption. This level of support is part of delivering an unmatched subscriber experience—not simply services. We look forward to growing our partnership with Calix as we continue to innovate and expand our business.”

A Calix customer of more than a decade, Silver Star Communications delivered the first 10G service in the state of Wyoming in 2018 with an AXOS® XGS-PON network. The regional CSP serves Western Wyoming and Eastern Idaho, connecting this region to major cities in adjacent states over a company-owned fiber network of more than 1,100 miles.

“Service providers like Silver Star are leading the way when it comes to owning the subscribers’ home experience,” said Michael Weening, EVP and COO for Calix. “The full Revenue EDGE solution puts the power of data and innovation back in the hands of the CSP and blocks the consumer giants trying to hijack the subscriber relationships. Add in network security and parental controls through the EDGE Suites—all fully managed through the CommandIQ mobile app, branded under the Silver Star name—and Silver Star has everything necessary to delight subscribers and crush competitors. As Calix continues to roll out new partners, such as leading internet-connected camera brand Arlo, to EDGE Suites, the momentum of forward-thinking CSPs like Silver Star will be unstoppable.”