Samsung Galaxy Fold: Redefining the Smartphone Experience


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When it comes to delivering truly revolutionary design and innovation – Samsung Galaxy Fold is a game-changing device that is redefining smartphone experience for the consumers. Ranjivjit Singh, Chief Marketing Officer & SVP, Mobile Business, Samsung India speaks with Zia Askari from about the company’s latest innovation – the Galaxy Fold and why it is being considered the most special device.

What are the big innovations being introduced with the launch of Galaxy Fold?

It’s amazing that for most smartphones, normally, we will say, you know, our camera went from this to this, our battery went from this, our screen went from this. But Galaxy Fold is a completely new device; everything about Galaxy Fold is new. And that’s why it’s that full value of innovation, it’s a once in a decade, kind of a thing that you get a step jump like this.

What will be your strategy to push the Galaxy Fold in the market?

Galaxy Fold has taken a long time to develop and create. It builds on the kind of quest for innovation that Samsung has always displayed. About eight years ago is when the first prototype of the Fold was showcased in Samsung.

And about 1,000 different sketches and prototypes were shown before finalizing this form factor. Galaxy Fold is a game-changing breakthrough innovation that doesn’t just define a new category, it defies category. It’s a device like no other. That’s what the Galaxy Fold is. We have so far been getting a fantastic buzz for Galaxy Fold. We are not going to push this. This is really about consumers who want to be the first to own a world-first innovation.

Is there any India-specific innovation that you’re packing inside Galaxy Fold?

Galaxy Fold is a global innovation. We will open pre-bookings for Galaxy Fold on our website on 4th October, with deliveries starting on the 20th October. Galaxy Fold will be available in 315 stores across 35 cities.

Galaxy Fold will be available in Samsung Brand stores, Modern Trade as well as special multi-brand outlets. It’s also going to be available on Samsung e-store and if you book on Samsung e-store, then in 21 cities, you will get a special concierge delivery.

There’s also going to be a 24×7 call center. Anyone who calls in 24×7 for help, it will be there. And then when we made the package, the package itself will have some really nice goodies like Galaxy Buds, which are you know are tuned by AKG. We’re also giving a unique, slim Aramid Fiber case, which is flexible and light and protects both the screens. We’re also giving a special Samsung Mobile Care for Galaxy consumers. If a customer damages the display during the first year, then it can be repaired at a discounted price of Rs. 10,500. So, it’s a very special package that we have put together for our Galaxy Fold consumers.

How do you think the competition is going to react to a device like this?

Galaxy Fold defies category, it is defining a completely new category. So, at that level, this is a market creation. So, we’re really going out with a luxury product where none exists. And we’re providing the innovation. And then you know, it literally is a first in the world. So, I believe our consumers will be delighted to want to own this. And coming from Samsung, there is a big, big reassurance. Think about the R&D, the years of work, the rigorous testing, the improvements, all of which been put into this.

What is the consumer segment that you are targeting and how will you as a brand reach out to them?

The consumer segment we are targeting are people who really value innovations, people who want to be amongst the first to own a first-ever in the market. And this will be like I said available in 35 cities. So, they will express their interest in the registration, they will go out and pre- book in the e-Store and in the 315 stores and then we will have the beautiful task of delivering Galaxy Fold to them just before Diwali. I cannot think of any other better gift to yourself, your loved ones!

Today it is all about delivering that extra bit of experience to the consumers. How is this device going to further enhance towards that experience?

Galaxy Fold is our first foldable phone. It will offer the ultimate smartphone experience. And this will change the way people interact, the way they communicate, the way they experience life. In a sense, you don’t need multiple devices after this. You’ve got a phone, you got a tablet, you got pro-grade camera, and you’ve got the most sophisticated and the best technology into this. So, the whole experience is going to be very, very different.

It’s so distinctive, in terms of the way you know, even the branding on the hinge. It’s pure luxury. In terms of how we’re taking the spotlight right now, the whole experience is going to be very unique.

One of the major strengths of Samsung in India is its really strong partner network. The question that arises is that how you will train them to sell this kind of an experience in India?

Sellers across all 315 stores, where Galaxy Fold will be available, have gone through and are going through rigorous training about the device, but more importantly about the customer. Because you can imagine someone who’s coming for this will expect that quality, that class, that explanation, those soft skills. So that’s what we bring to the table.