Procera Launches ‘Video Perspectives’ Video Analytics Solution for Network Operators


Procera Networks, has launched Video Perspectives, a video analytics solution for network operators that delivers comprehensive video intelligence and actionable analytics.

Video Perspectives enables network operators to gain insights into the streaming video issues that are directly affecting their subscribers’ quality of experience (QoE) and to take actions to resolve those issues, empowering operators to enhance the subscriber experience and create new video-related service offerings.

With Video Perspectives, broadband operators have a complete view of the video being consumed by their subscribers and of their success in delivering a high QoE to subscribers. Now, broadband operators can create their own video quality scorecards to measure delivery of streaming video to their subscribers and use it to measure against the proliferation of content provider scorecards (for example, Netflix and Google).

“Network operators need greater visibility into video traffic, its effect on their networks and on subscribers’ QoE,” said Patrick Lopez, founder and CEO at Core Analysis subscribers’ QoE,” said Patrick Lopez, founder and CEO at Core Analysis. “Content and ad publishers are pushing for higher video quality and video traffic is growing, both in volume and in terms of file size due to increasing high-definition resolutions. Operators need actionable intelligence in order to optimize their networks, to improve QoE or create new service models surrounding video.”

“Video is central to the subscriber experience, representing as much as 60 percent of our customers’ traffic,” said Alexander Haväng, CTO of Procera Networks. “Video Perspectives delivers the most relevant video analytics for the engineering, marketing, and customer care departments at network operators.”

Video Perspectives is the second phase of Procera’s Subscriber Experience family of solutions, building on the RAN Perspectives solution launched earlier in 2014. It is a software solution that can run on PacketLogic™ hardware to collect detailed video analytics on a broadband network. The intelligence is visualized as an integrated part of the PacketLogic Insights product family, including Customer Care and Engineering Insights, and as a standalone Video Insights product.

The integrated Insights solutions present detailed video reporting and analytics views that are combined with Procera’s other subscriber analytics to deliver a comprehensive view of the subscriber experience. Video Insights delivers highly detailed video intelligence, and is an interactive tool that allows operators to generate custom reports and analytics based on specific issues or opportunities they are seeing with video on their network.

The video analytics collected by Video Perspectives enables the broadband operator to analyze both managed video services and Over-the-Top (OTT) video services. The metrics gathered by the solution include session metrics (stream changes, termination, stalls), play quality (delay, delivery, duration), encoding information (bit rate, encoder),

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