Paytm Money: First Video-based Wealth Community in India

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Digitization of payments in India is a revolutionary move for marking a pragmatic shift from cash to digital transfers. The digitization of payments reflects the potential of improving day-to-day transactions, especially for the low-income groups. The shift also favors international businesses, companies, and governments in performing payment transactions with transparent, safer, and cheaper procedures. Digitization also contributes towards financial inclusivity. The contemporary payment option thrives at becoming a ‘better’ and ‘responsible’ option than cash transactions. The popularity of online money transactions developed from the benefits earned by both receiver and sender. Paytm is one of the biggest platforms for enabling digital transactions in India. One of the biggest reasons for the success of Paytm was the assurance of trust, which was the priority of the company even before offering digital wallet services. 

Benefits offered by Paytm

The transition to digital transactions empowers the customers with the feature of accessibility of money transactions from anywhere and at any time. Other benefits of Paytm Payments include:

  •   No limits on transaction numbers: Customers do not have to worry regarding transaction numbers per day as there are no restrictions on transferring from PPBL Bank Account
  •   Money Transactions only through four clicks: Transferring money has never been easier, with just four simple clicks on the Paytm application, you can enable money transfer. 
  •   Smarter functionality: While using Paytm, you don’t even have the task of selecting the ‘mode for payment’ as the application is designed for choosing the most appropriate from UPI, NEFT, and IMPS based on the transaction amount. 
  •   Secure and Safe: The platform of Paytm is designed for conducting safe and secure money transactions with complete transparency. The trust built through the years with 30 percent investment is facilitated by numerous e-commerce companies and the iGaming industry to attract and retain valuable customers. Renowned games in India like Teen Patti are played seamlessly using Paytm money transfer in the online sites with the assurance of safer and secure transactions. 
  •   Checking balance: With Paytm, you don’t have to run to your bank or ATM for checking the balance of your account(s), just one click can present a complete statement for all your accounts with the provision of viewing history of payments. 
  •   Multi-functional dashboard: The dashboard of Paytm allows the users to create payment links, which can be shared through social media or SMS, especially for business purposes. Other categorical features involve viewing transactions, disbursing funds, settlement reports, issuing refunds, and generating invoices. 

Video-based Wealth Community of Paytm

About the initiative: 

The revolutionary initiative of Paytm in launching the first-ever video-based Wealth Community in India will aim at transforming the ways Indians gain insights, accept, discuss and perform trading activities. The video-based community will enable you to learn from industry experts regarding crucial topics such as Personal Finance, Fixed Income, Mutual Funds, IPO, Gold, F&O, and Stocks on live sessions. Paytm users will be offered the provision of learning and clarifying doubts through chat or in live sessions. With the growing influence of the Internet and dependence on social platforms, India is witnessing a growth in social-media interactions and digital communities. Members of the Video-based Wealth Community will be able to interact with other members for discussing their insights gained from the sessions and their applications. The 30-60 minutes video sessions will not only be interactive but will ensure inclusivity with the conduction of sessions in multiple languages. The Community Calendar will reflect the schedule for the upcoming live sessions or discussion boards to be conducted by the experts. These sessions will be sharable in nature, which can build a learning chain between social media followers, family, and friends. 

Targeted at Young Investors:

The prime motive for designing the Video-based Wealth Community was to encourage the ‘young Indian investors’. The initiative targets the needs and gaps experienced by the new investors of India by offering a wide range of insights from experienced or experts. The Wealth Community of Paytm will also offer the feature of creating ‘custom discussion rooms’ for discussing and clearing doubts within a controlled environment, thereby framing a complete user experience. 

Targeted at Financial Experts:

The Video-based Wealth Community of Paytm in India will also present enormous opportunities for experienced investors, industry experts, and Subject Matter Experts. The experts will be offered the opportunity of creating a brand within the Indian Capital market, sharing learned insights, and creating valuable content for the future generation.

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