Orion Innovation Develops Android TV App for T-Mobile

Network Infrastructure

Orion Innovation (“Orion”) a digital transformation and digital product development services firm, announced that its Video Engineering division “Zodiac” has developed and T-Mobile Netherlands (“T-Mobile”) has launched an Android TV application for T-Mobile customers.

The new application enables T-Mobile customers to watch video content, including multicast support for live television, initially on certain Smart TVs and media players and, ultimately, on any Android device.

By mimicking the user interface and features T-Mobile subscribers already have on their T-Mobile set-top boxes, the new Android TV application provides subscribers with a familiar and personalized customer navigation and viewing experience across all of their Android devices. Enabling such a seamless UI across viewership platforms is a core tenet of T-Mobile’s OTT strategy, providing the best subscriber experience and maximizing customer satisfaction across all demographics.

To minimize operational complexity and cost, Orion’s Zodiac team worked with T-Mobile and its partners to ensure its Android strategy is readily integrated into T-Mobile’s existing plant and operations/support platforms. For example, from day one, the new application is pre-integrated with their Quality of Experience platform to enable T-Mobile to monitor video quality and remotely fix any delivery issues. Additional operational integrations are planned, leveraging the Zodiac Matrix API management platform to orchestrate different systems spanning T-Mobile’s video infrastructure.

“T-Mobile Netherlands is at the forefront of video and this new application highlights its innovative and customer-centric approach to delivering high-quality viewing experiences to its customers,” said Rick Ford, SVP Global Sales and Alliances of Orion’s Zodiac business. “It was a pleasure working with T-Mobile to deploy a state-of-the-art application that gives their customers more options to view and stream content with greater control and ease.”

“Orion’s partnership with T-Mobile reflects our commitment to bringing the latest technology to our telecom, entertainment, and media clients,” said Raj Patil, CEO of Orion. “With deep domain expertise, combined with advanced engineering and design capabilities, our Zodiac business has become a partner of choice for global telecom operators looking to modernize their platforms and enhance the user experience.”

T-Mobile has become the leading mobile network operator in the Netherlands and the first to offer unlimited and nationwide 5G, as well as becoming the fastest growing operator in the fixed broadband market.

“We continue to focus on delivering the best possible customer experience and our new Android TV application is another example on how we are driving innovation on behalf of our customers,” said Kim Larsen, CTIO of T-Mobile Netherlands. “The Zodiac team rapidly delivered a high-quality application that seamlessly integrates with our infrastructure and exceeds our KPIs and functional requirements. We have gotten very positive customer feedback already on this new application and are highly pleased with Zodiac’s ability to get it launched on time and on budget.”