Organika Vodka Tutors Luxury Brands on How to Live CSR


A fashionable clothing line is accused of cultural insensitivity and a high-priced SUV manufacturer criticized for climate-change insensibility. In today’s hyperconscious market it is not enough for luxury brands to produce high quality products. Customers and clients expect social responsibility and cultural involvement along with excellence. One company that meets the criteria is Organika Vodka.

Let’s begin with the product. Organika is an authentic Polish vodka that receives high praise from expert reviewers and vodka aficionados alike. The product line is distilled from 100% organic wheat grain, with the signature product enhanced with larch herb extract’s natural antioxidants while flavored varieties are infused with botanicals like restorative sagan-daila and French white truffle essence. Quality natural ingredients and rigorous production standards earn the brand the highest awards in competitions such as the San Francisco World Spirits, SIP Awards, and Blue Lifestyle. Distributed in 19 countries around the world, Organika recently partnered with several US distributors, including Breakthru Beverage Group in Florida, Allied Beverage Group in New Jersey and Brescome Barton in Connecticut. Now it can be purchased at select retail stores like Total Wine.

Good start, but Organika further recognizes its corporate social responsibility and dedicates its mission to sustainability as well as exceptional quality. The company aims to lead the global spirits industry by reducing its carbon footprint by 65% and releasing a 100% Recyclable carton bottle. More than that, Organika is devoted to promoting wildlife conservation, contributing over 1% of annual proceeds to the preservation of rare endangered species, participating in a charity expedition to the Snow Leopard habitat, and commemorating the “Year of the Tiger” with a 2022 collectable charity calendar featuring that endangered species. Notably, the Amur Tiger is featured on all products and throughout its media platform.

Not to be considered one-dimensional, Organika has also entered the spheres of sport, art and advanced technology, combining all its considerations in one spectacular multi-event.

Last year, Organika became an official partner of the Miami Dolphins and Hardrock Stadium. They helped the venue to transition from plastic waste with its fully recyclable bottle.  In May, the company was an official Partner of the wider Miami International Autodrome when it hosted the first 2022 Formula 1 Grand Prix in the United States. During the event, Organika commissioned a live, track-side painting by accomplished artist Ashley Cesario featuring a stylized Amur Tiger, one of the endangered species the company works to protect. The painting served as the physical masterwork for an NFT that inaugurated the company’s collection of 101 virtual artworks celebrating conservation.

The one-of-a-kind NFT is offered on the Vault721 auction launchpad, where Organika customers, partners and NFT collectors can view the digitized reproduction. In addition to NFT ownership, the highest bidder will receive the first 100% recyclable case of Organika Life in the new carton bottles and a limited edition Magnum engraved with the NFT. They will also be gifted with the physical masterwork after it travels to exhibits in New York and LA and returns to Miami’s Art Basel, with their consent. Importantly, to support its official partner the World Wildlife Fund, Organika will donate 50% of the auction proceeds to the organization.

True to their philosophy, Organika wanted their NFT project to reflect corporate values rather than achieve fleeting promotional impact. That meant underscoring their dedication to ecological sustainability with emerging technology. Mike Seidov, U.S. Managing Partner at Organika Vodka explains, “We analyzed and explored the space to determine that the release of our NFT should be thoughtful, accompanied by actual tangibles and motivated by purpose. We didn’t follow major brands that jumped into Web3 thinking that the biggest splash will garner the most attention.” “We aim to support nature conservation by directing modern technologies to its importance, and draw the attention of the NFT market to rare and endangered species of animals protected by WWF.”

Organika aims to produce quality products while it promotes a sustainable environment, cultural experiences and emerging technology. While other luxury brands may advocate CSR, few exhibit the level of involvement or range of engagement the Organika does. The world awaits Organika’s next premium vodka variety – as well as their next extraordinary adventure.