Openet launches ‘Self-Service’ Policy Controller for 5G


Self-configuration and blueprints key to managing 5G services, OpEx reduction, and launching new 5G services in minutes.

Openet, an enabler in the supply of Digital BSS, has unveiled the Openet Policy Controller (OPC) for 5G. The new solution is cloud-native and microservices-based, and has been built for CICD (continuous integration continuous delivery) to allow a succession of new services to evolve and be deployed rapidly.

OPC enables the development, launch and control of more services in a shorter timescale than was ever previously possible and with lower network impact. The CICD approach employed by Openet allows the service provider to deploy new policy controls for any new network slices they may be trialing.

Tony Gillick, GVP Product Management, Openet commented: “5G will enable service providers to launch many new services covering everything from high-value entertainment services and gaming through to critical healthcare, massive IoT and enablement of Smart Cities. As such service providers will need to re-invent how they roll out new products and services. To enable this, OPC contains ‘blueprints’. These are out-of-box fully working use cases that can be deployed as they are or easily edited. In addition, OPC is self-configurable by the service provider, which removes a layer of vendor lock-in (and associated cost) and has been proven to drive significantly faster time to market.”

As well as enabling time to market in minutes, OPC is closely linked to charging systems to enable new 5G monetization models to be developed and implemented. Guaranteeing Quality of Service (QoS) can only be achieved if network slices are tightly coupled with Policy and Charging. In turn, this provides the ability to monetise service slices with rapidly evolving pricing models. OPC is integrated with Openet’s Evolved Charging system and the open API architecture enables integration with monetisation systems from any vendor.

Openet’s CTO and Founder, Joe Hogan, highlighted the work that Openet has been doing with 5G: “The CTO team at Openet has been heavily involved in 5G standards development since 2016. What was evident from the start was that the complexity of 5G required policy control to be re-invented. But at the same time, we know that 3G/4G/5G policy will co-exist for many years to come. Therefore, OPC supports all 3G/4G policy use cases and interfaces, to ensure ease of upgrade and that our customers can have a single policy control solution for all services. OPC is the re-invention of policy control and the investment is paying off. We’re already implementing OPC for a 5G network in North America and have signed 5G partnership deals with companies like Samsung and CASA Systems to jointly promote our Smart Charging and Control Core for 5G as part of a broader 5G ecosystem. We’ve been looking forward to 5G for some time. Our Policy credentials have been well recognized for many years. OPC for 5G builds on this and takes policy to the next level.”