Ooredoo Oman Revamps 5G Plans


Ooredoo has further upgraded its existing 5G Home Internet plans and added a new one, too! Making the impossible possible, Ooredoo has is giving customers non-stop data and increased speeds, while reducing the costs, to redefine the customer experience.

Plans start from just OMR 25 per month for up to 30 Mbps download speed plus 600 GB data. Or OMR 28 per month for up to 80 (instead of 20) Mbps download speed plus STARZPLAY plus 1500 GB data. Why not max out for just OMR 35 per month for up to 200 (instead of 100) Mbps download speed plus STARZPLAY and OSN plus 2000 GB data. Choose an amazing value 5G Home Internet plan according to every needs and budget. New and current Ooredoo customers will also get a free plug-and-play 5G modem when they sign up for a 24-month contract.

The transformative 5G technology gives faster speeds for huge data transfer and therefore allows heavier streaming. Thanks to an ultra-low latency over 5G, customers can start looking forward to streaming movies in Ultra-HD resolution; even smoother online gaming; engaging in virtual reality (VR) services or whatever they are using the Internet for, as they will be able to easily stream gigabytes of data.

With an ever-growing network, Ooredoo’s state-of-the-art 5G has also been paving the way for other advanced technologies and the Internet of Things.