NEW ID, SK Telecom Partner to Develop AI Post Production Platform


NEW ID announced on April 10, 2022 that the company has completed the development of its AI-based Post Production that opens the door for more content to be enjoyed on global OTT platforms.

Under an exclusive partnership, NEW ID uses SK Telecom (SKT)’s AI technology to detect and remove subtitles, music, and other embedded graphics to meet the content distribution standards of global platforms.

NEW ID provides an all-in-one post production solution necessary for content localization, including specialized AI solution, translation and subtitle generation.

NEW ID, digital content & media platform business subsidiary of Next Entertainment World (NEW), commercializes SKT’s AI-based Post Production (AIPP) technology. NEW ID signed an exclusive contract with SKT to commercialize its AI-based post production technology used to remove subtitles, TV rating labels, music, and completed the development of an automated AIPP platform.

The biggest obstacle to exportation of Korean entertainment content is not only the language but also music copyright issues when finalized content is distributed globally. From removing copyright music, burned-in Korean subtitles, TV rating labels, and to PPL images, it is important for global OTT services to remove subtitles including speech captions used in entertainment content and Korean subtitles that are increasing in number due to frequent use of English in Korean dramas. As global OTT platforms show more interest in Korean content, media localization enables both the globalization and localization of Korean content, which is also growing in high demand.

NEW ID focuses on commercializing SKT’s original technology in removing subtitles, removing graphics such as logo, recognizing and removing audio sources without losing voice. Also, NEW ID will collaborate with SKT to enhance the quality and efficiency of global localization process with its video remastering technology ‘5GX Supernova’ and subtitles auto-generation technology. NEW ID will use SKT’s AI-based technology to eliminate obstacles impeding broadcasting K-content on global streaming platforms and widen global distribution channels.

Hyuk Kim, Vice President and Head of Global Media Support Office at SK Telecom, said “I look forward to seeing Korean entertainment content push the Korean Wave to greater heights in the media content industry with the help of AIPP solutions that solve difficulties in exportation due to Korean subtitles and unlicensed music. We will continue to develop media localization technology that makes it easier to export K-content.” NEW ID CEO June Park said, “Collaborating with leading content platforms across the world helped us better understand global platforms’ service architecture. We are excited to work alongside SK Telecom to enhance viewing experiences for global content fans and strengthen the media post production ecosystem.”

NEW ID is the only Korean media company which has launched and is operating premium Asian entertainment channels on more than 20 global streaming platforms including Amazon, Roku, Plex and Tubi. Through AIPP technology, NEW ID has quickly expanded its services in post production by working with broadcast networks to enhance content quality and post production efficiency in order to help their content move worldwide to global OTT platforms.