Network Evolution: lifecell Becomes First to Launch 4.5G in Ukraine


Turkcell’s subsidiary lifecell has become the first operator to launch a 4.5G high-speed network in Ukraine. lifecell launched 4.5G in Ukraine over a BiP video call between the Turkcell executive team and lifecell’s Ukraine headquarters.

Ukraine’s digital operator lifecell has launched a cutting-edge 4.5G network in Ukraine. Today, lifecell became the first operator to provide fourth-generation connection services nationwide. As a result of a well-considered bidding strategy, lifecell obtained the largest amount of spectrum per user in Ukraine; this means the best user experience for the operator’s subscribers and secures the lifecell’s leadership in 4.5G services.

4.5G by lifecell is the fourth-generation mobile Internet that is based on LTE Advanced Pro technology. This technology enables the operator to provide up to 5 times faster than 3G download speeds and up to 10 times faster upload speeds.

The 4.5G technology also ensures immediate reaction time of websites and applications. For lifecell subscribers, it means even faster data transfers, experiencing the best digital services, access to financial services, watching HD video with no delay, playing online games of any complexity, and more convenient remote work for business users. New technology will continue to drive the development of IoT, M2M, Smart City, e-Government, m-Health, “smart” house, etc.

Each lifecell subscriber will receive a gift of one free week of 4.5G traffic usage. To enjoy the fastest mobile Internet in Ukraine, a 4G/LTE SIM card (USIM-card) and a smartphone supporting at least 4G/LTE are required.

Apart from 4G, (LTE) standard support USIM has many other advantages – especially, higher security protection and larger volume of memory. With the key benefit of increased memory, users can save a long list of contact details with expanded data (multiple contact phone numbers and email addresses) to the USIM address book.

For subscriber convenience, lifecell will not design special pricing for 4.5G traffic. 3G+ traffic and 4.5G will be charged the same rates. Subscribers will be able to select their technology preference in their phone’s settings.

Additionally, all residents of Ukraine’s oblast centers may sample the benefits of 4.5G service and receive special gifts at lifecell promotional events, which will soon take place in the central areas of all regional centers.

The second wave of deployment of 4.5G in the 1800 MHz band is expected in July 2018.