Mobily Saudi Arabia deploys Ericsson’s full stack Telecom Cloud

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Mobily Saudi Arabia has deployed Ericsson’s full stack telecom cloud solution, focusing on transforming its wireless network and providing a 5G Cloud Core. Mobily will gain a flexible, agile, and programmable network to improve customer experience and support the development of new services.

Moezid bin Nasser Al Harbi, Chief Technology Officer, Mobily, says: “The cloud will help meet the growing demand for new network services to help improve productivity and efficiency.”

Through Ericsson Cloud Packet Core, powered by Ericsson Cloud Infrastructure including Ericsson Orchestrator, Mobily customers will receive benefits such as reduced latency, tailored vertical network solutions and optimized distribution of key network capabilities.

Rafiah Ibrahim, Head of Ericsson Middle East and Africa, says: “Ericsson is committed to collaborating with Mobily in modernizing and managing its capacity growth, adding sites, and migrating to datacenters. We are taking another step in Mobily’s digital transformation journey through Ericsson’s core network solutions, bringing new levels of performance, flexibility and optimization.”

Ericsson Cloud Core is where ultra-connectivity translates into service differentiation, business flexibility and making differences in our lives. It establishes reliable connectivity, determines the quality of service and enforces it through policy, creates value through visibility and control of traffic and applications. In short, it’s the ‘business end’ of mobile broadband and IoT networks. Mitigate your risks, plan for a smooth introduction of 5G Core and deploy leading Network Slicing and Cloud-native core network solutions – all of which are validated by leading operators worldwide.

Cloud Core Portfolio

Ericsson Cloud Core is a complete, adaptable and scalable portfolio. It consists of our Cloud Packet Core and Cloud Unified Data Management and Policy products and solutions, which currently serve more than 300 operators globally. The Cloud Core portfolio is also enhanced with 5G software functionality, allowing for commercial network launches in 2018.

Broad Ecosystem

The digitalization of industries is set to help increase the number of connected devices and their applications, while the integration challenges will rise at a rate previously unseen in the telecom world. We work very closely with the device/chipset industry to streamline the introduction of new technologies. With a tightly coupled ecosystem and a global presence, Ericsson has a unique insight into forthcoming developments. We work to meet continuous industry challenges and provide industrialized core network solutions.