LigaT picks Nokia to power national IP core, transport network


Nokia, through its partner Network Hero, has deployed a nationwide IP core and transport solution, enabling a 400GE-capable architecture for LigaT to offer a future-ready and sustainable network for its customers. The new infrastructure allows LigaT, a regional ISP offering multi-play media services to consumers throughout Portugal, to connect its sites from different cities for the delivery of its internet services.

Nokia will deploy its 7750 Service Router (SR) and 7250 Interconnect Router (IXR) systems, enabling a faster time-to-market for the delivery of LigaT’s services with lower costs, reduced energy consumption and increased capacity. Nokia’s routers are powered by its breakthrough FP network processor silicon, offering LigaT network capacity with unmatched performance, security and efficiency.

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This setup allows LigaT to support services at speeds of up to 400GE with the ability to seamlessly grow capacity and scale when needed. Nokia’s innovative router system design, combined with its industry proven Service Router Operating System (SR OS), ensures improved network speed, flexible capability and reliability in its systems for deterministic scaling of capacity. With Nokia’s EVPN and segment routing capabilities, LigaT has the ability to automate connectivity while being interoperable with both its own tools and other vendor’s equipment.

As an infrastructure services provider for the deployment, Network Hero has provided the services to connect all of LigaT’s sites.

Luis Tavares, CEO at LigaT, said: “LigaT prides itself on using automation to turn up customers and services quickly. With Nokia, we have selected IP routing technology that is best in the market to fulfill our current and future requirements, offering reliability, faster time-to-market and scalability. As a provider of multi-play media services, we can rely on Nokia’s state of the art quality of service capabilities and its industry-leading technology resiliency pedigree to lead in terms of quality and reliability in Portugal.”

Pau Nadeu Rabat, founder and CTO at Network Hero, said: “It is a pleasure to work with innovative companies like LigaT who push the envelope of innovation and demand to deploy networking solutions that are built from cutting-edge routing technology.”

Manuel Ortiz Fernandez, Vice President of EMEA Webscale business at Nokia, said: “We are pleased that LigaT has chosen Nokia to enhance the interconnection needs of its customers not only now but well into the next decade. Through our partnership with Network Hero, we look forward to this exciting deployment that fits seamlessly with LigaT’s automation, scalability and quality of service goals.”