Joint Network Helps Miami Businesses Deploy Teleworking Amid COVID-19


Does your business have a business continuity plan? A Disaster Recovery Plan? Even a Pandemic Plan? Does that plan include any of the processes to provide remote access to employees? Can your business continue its normal operations? Is your data replicated to another data center, branch office, or even the cloud for that matter in the event of a weather-related incident that may destroy your infrastructure?

Today businesses are scrambling to not only implement these remote worker plans but also to add in safeguards for their data. All this has been brought to light due to the Coronavirus pandemic. As you can see in the news, the outbreak has some similarities when compared to weather-related incidents. An example of this is the cancellation of major events and the temporary closing of many businesses.


Many businesses today do not have a teleworking solution and therefore are unable to send employees home for extended amounts of time. Implementing a Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan is essential in keeping your business working and servicing its customers during these difficult times.

An important aspect of the planning is making sure your staff or the enterprise connected reliably to its systems and therefore engaged during work hours.


With a multitude of options for remote-access then which one is the right solution for your business. It all depends on the platforms or systems used today and the amount of staff that will be accessing them. There is also the issue around the security of that data and how your business plans to protect it now that everyone is remote. Many healthcare and financial businesses may need to take into account compliance issues such as GPDR, HIPAA, or PCI compliance. Is your business compliant at this time?

As a full service Managed IT Services provider, we can your organization with establishing a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan and most importantly a secure reliable teleworking solution for your employees.

As an authorized partner with many different technology companies such as DELL, Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix, Fortinet, Avaya and many others enables us to provide the right option for your business and budget.