Innovations from Russia: 22 Skolkovo startups to present their projects at Slush


Skolkovo Foundation, the Russian innovation agency is bringing 22 startups to Slush. The companies will be showcased at 2 booths organized together with Russian Export Center and Moscow Export Center under the slogans “Made in Russia” and “Made in Moscow“.

Skolkovo company SENSE2BEAT will have the chance to pitch their project to the international audience of high-powered movers and shakers in the Slush 100 Pitching Competition.

Most of Skolkovo companies showcasing at Slush have international operations with several examples of pilot and fulfilled projects for financial organizations, food industry, green energy, robotics, fashion and other sectors.

The key experts from Skolkovo team at Slush include Arkady Dvorkovich, Co-chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation Council, Igor Drozdov, Board Chair, Kirill Kaem, Senior Vice-President for Innovations; Pekka Viljakainen, Advisor to the President of the Skolkovo Foundation.

Skolkovo booths are located next to the Meeting Area and Slush Store. The booth will be opened on December 4 by the Skolkovo officials and Rustam Minnikhanov, Tatarstan President.

Kirill Kaem, Senior Vice-President for Innovations, said, ”Skolkovo was the first Russian institution in 2012 to start working with SLUSH and Finnish startups. This year we are proud to see that dozens of Russian startups are presented here. Skolkovo projects come from different spheres in a range from IT and biomed to energy efficiency, and considerable part of solutions encompass few disciplines. Many companies have entered the international markets, Scandinavian as well, like Navigine and Samokat Sharing, and they intend to develop further”.

The list of the most interesting Skolkovo startups at Slush 2018 includes:

Navigine Powerful and precise indoor positioning for industries
TEXEL MODA TEXEL MODA uses AI, computer vision and trained body data to help fashion brands compete with Amazon.
NeuroChat Network communication system for people with speech and movements disabilities, based on neurointerface.
TRY.FIT TRY.FIT finds the best fitting footwear for confident shopping & high conversion rate.
CARiOT CARiOT performs full cycle of works on development software and hardware solutions for Intelligent system management in rental services (carsharing, scootersharing, etc.)
Brain Development A new digital complex “Young Neurophysiologist-Engineer” will be launched in 2019. It involves  an educational and methodical complex and a unique equipment developed in Russia, including an electroencephalograph and a headset.
Acoustic Freezing Acoustic Extra Freezing (AEF) technology allows to preserve food cells during a freezing process. Taste, texture and nutritional value of AEF frozen food are equal to that of the fresh ones!
SensoMed SensoRehab – (hardware & software) is the best neurorehabilitation solution of the XXI Century for post-stroke patients.
Cerevrum Skill Hub is a system of staff recruitment using virtual and augmented reality glasses (VR / AR). The system allows you to adapt new employees quickly in corporations and companies with high staff turnover.
Motorica 1) Prosthetic devices uper the limb. Body-powered and bionical robotic hands for people with disabilities. 2) Tele rehabilitation platform Attilan. (Combination of VR rehab, IoT connection of devices for rehab and data analyse.)
SafeTech Cyber security solutions for DIGITAL Banking
Oz Forensics Oz Forensics helps financial institutions to reduce digital fraud risks and costs by automating KYC processes with image, video and biometric analysis.
Nanosemantics Lab The chatbots can imitate human speech, sustain a conversation with people and act as an interactive interface with its informational systems delivered through text or voice channels
ARS Smart Robotics Robot for unmanned pallets movement. It has smart control system based on advanced computer vision and neural network algorithms
SENSE2BEAT Automated ECG Detection and Prediction AI software provides flexible and simply implemented noise filtration methods that do not put limitations on the electrocardiogram signal dynamics.
Inspector Cloud LLC Saas for retail audits           
Samocat sharing Kick and e-scooter sharing system with charge station


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