Frontier Communications Urges Customers to Prepare for Hurricane Dorian

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Frontier Communications wants customers to be safe and prepared for the potential impacts from Hurricane Dorian. In addition to securing food, water and storm supplies, Frontier encourages customers to prepare a communications emergency kit that includes lists of important phone numbers, account information, and charging supplies for electronic devices.

“Our thoughts are with our customers and the communities we serve as Frontier teams remain focused on continuing to provide connectivity services to our customers, including major institutions and businesses,” said Melanie Williams, Frontier’s Senior Vice President of Operations, South Region. Frontier serves customers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

As a helpful guide, Frontier is providing preparedness resources, information and assistance to help customers manage accounts and service requests. These tools include call forwarding, voicemail, a mobile app, remote account management assistance, plus a dedicated online web resource Hurricane Dorian located at

Added Williams, “Frontier’s Emergency Response Center is activated, and we are taking the necessary steps to prepare and respond with urgency to potential storm impacts. This includes fueling backup power generators, securing and reinforcing our infrastructure facilities and being ready to implement recovery steps immediately following Dorian.”

In addition to customer service at 1-800-921-8101, the following tools can help Frontier customers to manage their accounts as well contact Frontier with service requests:

• Frontier’s Hurricane Dorian page at features a variety of tips and informational resources.
• Customers subscribed to Call Forwarding features can program their phone to call forward to another phone. Details are online at
• Access Voicemail by phone and other helpful voice mail tips at
• MyFrontier App helps customers manage their account on the go. Details are online at
• Customers can Report a Frontier service outage online at or call 1-800-921-8101.
• If a customer is evacuated and won’t be returning to home for some time, they should call 1-800-921-8101 and Frontier can help manage their account.

The following tips can be useful before, during and after a storm:

• Charge devices such as cell phones, laptops and tablets while power is available and keep chargers on-hand. Battery-powered portable chargers can provide peace of mind.
• Snap photos of important documents such as insurance policies, passports, social security cards, deeds and birth certificates. Store the actual documents in a watertight container. Photos can help if originals are damaged or destroyed.
• Use a cloud service such as Frontier Secure, which provides 50 GB of data storage, to save contacts and other important data on a secure server in case your phone or tablet is lost or damaged.
• Record important local contact numbers so you have them handy. Do not rely on wireless devices for important contacts; this is where old-fashioned pen and paper can come in handy!
• Forward home phone to a wireless number in case of emergency and/or evacuation.
• Customers who rely on cordless phones should consider having a traditional corded phone that can be plugged directly into a phone jack if necessary. • If commercial power is unavailable, generators and batteries in Frontier’s central offices serve as a backup. Phone lines generally have enough power for a corded phone on the copper network to operate; cordless phones do not.
• For customers using FiOS phone services, the battery backup will supply voice service for up to eight hours.

• While home answering machines do not work without power, Frontier voicemail service powered by the network can help customers stay in contact.