Eurofiber Taps Calix to Enable Fiber Broadband Across Northern Europe

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Calix, Inc. has formed a strategic partnership with Eurofiber, which is expanding its fiber access network in several European countries with the Intelligent Access EDGE.

The open access provider will deploy the software defined, hardware independent Calix AXOS® platform to maximize operational efficiency and future proof its network. The versatility of the AXOS platform enables EuroFiber to adopt an everyPON strategy and select the best PON technology based on the growth of its network and the needs of its subscribers.

“When we set out to further expand our network accessibility in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, it was critical to select a partner to build a next generation access network that would future proof our investment,” said Eric Kuisch, board member and COO at Eurofiber Group. “Our decision was to partner with a vendor that would help us simplify our network, operations, and business while minimizing our operational costs. We knew we wanted to work with a partner that innovates at the speed of software rather than a traditional hardware vendor with legacy development cycles. Calix was the clear choice, as it delivers top class industry expertise and will equip us with a strategic partner ecosystem that ensures we are deploying best of breed solutions that will scale as we grow.”

Eurofiber is a 20-year-old, Netherlands-based fiber innovator with more than 36 thousand kilometers of fiber deployed across the Netherlands, Belgium, and France. The Calix AXOS platform will reduce Eurofiber’s total cost of ownership and increase operational efficiency—both of which are distinct advantages over competing hardware-focused solutions. With AXOS and everyPON, Eurofiber benefits from a flexible network architecture featuring Access EDGE systems—the E7-2 Intelligent Modular System and the E9-2 Intelligent Edge System—as well as a clear upgrade path to 10G PON and beyond. Completing the Calix solution is the versatile SMx Services Management Connector, which integrates into Eurofiber’s existing OSS systems to deliver the services visibility and management capabilities critical in open access environments.

“Eurofiber is a disruptor that innovates aggressively in their markets, making them an ideal partner for us,” said Mark Dressler, senior vice president of global sales for Calix. “The AXOS platform is a clear choice for open access service providers focused on operational simplicity. Eurofiber can scale its network up or down depending on its subscribers’ needs. We are thrilled that Eurofiber has recognized the differentiated value of our platform solutions, and we are excited to play an essential role in their successful network transformation journey.”