Ericsson appoints heads of expertise for its new 5G R&D Center


Ericsson’s R&D centre based in Massy (Essonne) placed under the responsibility of Birgitta Finnander, Head of R&D Center sees the arrival of its first recruits, including the 3 heads of the centre of expertise.

These nominations represent a key step in a progressive ramp up of this R&D centre based in France, complementing Ericsson’s strong R&D base in Europe.

Simone Esser, Head of End to End Solutions

Simone Esser comes from Germany and has been working for Ericsson since 2007. She has been responsible for End-to-End solutions since 2014, with a dedicated mission to develop solutions and customer engagement.

At the head of the division from August 1, 2020, Simone Esser will work with 5G Core on network level as well as Private and Campus Network solutions.

Pontus Sandberg, Head of Security

Pontus Sandberg has been working at Ericsson since 2007. He has held numerous positions for Ericsson’s branches in Sweden (Linköping) and Canada (Ottawa). He was previously R&D line manager for the 5G Characteristics and Capacity unit at BNEW NSV Resilience in Sweden.

Security is a key area of the R&D center. Pontus Sandberg and his teams will work in close cooperation with customers and the whole security ecosystem on all aspects related to this topic.

Mariusz Pryc, Head of Serviceability


Mariusz Pryc joined Ericsson 27 years ago. He spent about 10 years in technical and management positions at Ericsson in Sweden, the Netherlands, Mexico, Belarus and most recently in Poland, working for product development units.

Effective August 15 2020, Mariusz Pryc will head the Serviceability unit, which is responsible for ensuring the reliability, availability and manageability of Ericsson solutions.

As a reminder, this new R&D centre in France has been announced in January 2020, during Choose France. The R&D site will focus initially on 5G software development and security, benefitting the global 5G ecosystem and leveraging on our collaboration with French customers. As 5G rollout gathers momentum for service providers around the world, customer proximity is particularly relevant.