Eltek signs power modernization contract by Dtac in Thailand


Eltek – a global provider of high-efficiency power electronics and energy conversion products and solutions has been awarded a contract by Dtac – a leading mobile operator in Thailand – to modernize old power equipment to improve energy efficiency and increase network reliability.

“The modernization of old and inefficient power equipment with modern high-efficiency components is a major trend in the telecom market, and Eltek’s HE (“High Efficiency”) product range enable our customers to reduce power consumption. Modernization of power equipment in telecom networks provides fast return on investment and increase network reliability while at the same time benefiting the environment,” said Colin Howe, Chief Executive Officer of Eltek.

“Eltek has been a long term partner for power solutions for Dtac. Eltek’s energy efficient solutions and professional support helps us drive OPEX reductions, reduce our carbon footprint and improve our network performance by cost effectively implementing the latest technology in the area of power,” said Khalid Shehzad, Chief Technology Officer at Dtac.

The contract has a value of approximately NOK 45 million and includes design, equipment supply and installation services to be delivered during the next 8 months. The scope is to replace the rectifiers of a large amount of mobile base stations, and it will be done as a “heart-transplant”, replacing the power components without power interruption to the telecom equipment.

“Asia Pacific is an important market for Eltek, and this contract proves Eltek’s competitiveness in the region,” said Colin Howe.

Eltek’s HE technology provides market-leading efficiency, resulting in minimal power losses while in operation. The telecom industry is one of the largest energy consumers globally, so reducing energy wastage leads to major positive impact on operational expenses as well as the environment.