Ekinops Launches SD-WAN Home Office Connect

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EKINOPS, a supplier of optical transport and enterprise connectivity solutions, has launched SD-WAN Home Office Connect, a compact networking solution tailored to support enterprises in overcoming the performance, security and legal challenges of managing remote working.

Utilizing Ekinops’ SD-WAN Xpress embedded in an employee-dedicated Ekinops router, enterprises can establish a secure remote VPN connection from the employee’s location to the branch office.

SD-WAN Innovation

Combining broadband LTE and WiFi connectivity, the solution maximizes the power of the existing enterprise infrastructure to deliver the same connectivity speed, security and efficiency as onsite.

Highly programmable, the solution isolates business traffic from personal traffic, enabling corporate rules and applications to be applied to remote connections, without affecting worker privacy. This also allows enterprises to consider a more permanent move to a remote working model and benefit from the cost savings of not managing a physical office space.

The SD-WAN Home Office Connect launch responds to increased demand for remote working connectivity solutions following the global pandemic and worldwide lockdown measures. A Gartner Inc. survey of 229 HR leaders in April 2020 revealed that nearly 50% of organizations reported 81% or more of their employees are working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic and it is now predicted that 25-30% of the workforce will be working-from-home multiple days a week by the end of 2021, according to research by Global Workplace Analytics.

“In recent months, companies across the globe have faced the sudden challenge of remotely connecting their employees quickly and securely. But since flexible working has been a rising trend for well over a decade now, service providers and enterprises alike need a robust, cost-effective and simple solution to support remote connectivity long term,” comments Marc Bouteyre, Head of Virtualization at Ekinops.

“Many remote workers have experienced performance challenges due to their low-grade WiFi at home and the continuous mix of personal and business traffic. Equally, many enterprises have been feeling the increased business security risks, left at the mercy of their employees’ network security at home. Our new solution caters to these needs and ensures that connectivity issues are ironed out for remote workers and enterprises alike,” adds Bouteyre.

SD-WAN Home Office Connect is based on Ekinops OneOS6, a user-friendly modular software solution that enables a range of built-in services to be activated remotely and on-demand to empower automation and greater programmability.

Combining years of enterprise access expertise with the flexibility of SD-WAN, the SD-WAN Home Office Connect extends the reach of the enterprise network to adapt to this more distributed model, guaranteeing seamless security and performance and offering an all-in-one answer to networking challenges.