Egis Set to Unveil Fingerprint IC and YuKey Payment at MWC Shanghai 2015


Egis Technology Inc., a fingerprint sensor provider, will be promoting their newest lineup of fingerprint IC sensors, authentication solutions, mobile payment solutions based on FIDO specifications and PKI as well as their FIDO Certified UAF & U2F products at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015.


Egis is the one stop shop for all fingerprint needs and aims to provide simpler, stronger security and authentication for everyone with their total solution. Egis’ touch and hybrid sensors are capable of authenticating and verifying the identity of the user with the absolute highest degree of confidence. In addition, they are able to read fingerprints under various conditions, such as wet and dry fingerprints. The combination of these factors yields a state of the art fingerprint authentication and verification system capable of delivering maximum performance- all rolled up into a tiny module operating at a low power consumption.

Implementation of Egis’ fingerprint sensors and modules include mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, wearable devices, and the VDI box. As a proud FIDO member, Egis will display its FIDO Certified™ UAF & U2F products, among the world’s first FIDO 1.0 products recently announced with the FIDO Certification Program. With an incredible size as tiny as a wireless mouse receiver the YuKey USB U2F dongle is world-class authentication product using Egis’ very own EH570 sensor. In addition to fingerprint authentication, YuKey U2F dongle will feature driver and software free, password replacement, dynamic login, and digital signature encryption.