Connecting the Underserved: GeoLinks, Mimosa Align to Deliver Fiber-Fast Broadband


Mimosa Networks, enabler of 5G Fixed wireless solutions, is teaming with GeoLinks, a California-based communications service provider, on a number of statewide projects to revolutionize internet access at underserved government, educational, and healthcare organizations in the US.

GeoLinks, is connecting previously-unreached organizations by providing ultra-reliable, fiber-fast broadband throughout the state of California and beyond, using pioneering wireless broadband technology from Mimosa.

“Mimosa fixed wireless is the perfect solution for many of our rural and more complex enterprise clients,” said Ryan Hauf, CTO at GeoLinks. “Because it is ultra-fast, reliable, and very easy to deploy, we are able to get broadband connectivity to previously underserved areas within days.” Hauf has been working with Mimosa solutions for over two years and based on his experience with the products, recommends Mimosa frequently for projects that require rapidly deployed installations.

On Catalina Island, for example, GeoLinks successfully deployed Mimosa’s fiber-fast broadband solutions to bring high-speed internet access to the island community for the first time in its history. Taking into account the unique location – 41 miles offshore – and leveraging the existing infrastructure, a team of engineers considered a number of advanced options to tackle the challenge of connecting the island to the mainland. GeoLinks ultimately selected Mimosa for the last mile of the installation, deploying Mimosa A5 access and C5 client devices throughout the harbor town of Avalon. Speeds on the island are typically 300 Mbps, and the ultra-fast broadband connection provides support for essential communications services, tourism services, and commerce.

Back on the mainland, GeoLinks is actively addressing one of the state’s most critical infrastructure needs – connecting rural schools to the internet. In order to help these schools provide the highest and most advanced educational services to their students, GeoLinks again turned to Mimosa solutions to reach these hard-to-reach customers. Thanks to Mimosa’s ease of use, reliable performance and Gigabit-plus connectivity, GeoLinks will be continuing its rapid deployment to rural school customers.

GeoLinks is also partnered with California’s “Internet for All Now” fund, a statewide $300 million fund with the goal of closing the state’s “Digital Divide” and providing high-speed broadband to 95% of Californians by 2027. Future initiatives and projects for GeoLinks include a focus on healthcare in 2018, connecting hospitals and medical institutions to ultra-fast broadband for mission-critical services.

For each of the installations, GeoLinks deployed a combination of point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PTMP) architectures, using Mimosa B11 licensed backhaul radios, along with Mimosa B5c connectorized radios, C5 client devices and A5 access points. GeoLinks also relied heavily on Mimosa’s robust network design tool to plan, design and implement these networks.

“We are honored to team with GeoLinks on these important and strategic initiatives to address educational, healthcare, public institutions, business-to-business and consumer needs,” said John Colvin, SVP of Global Field Operations at Mimosa. “Mimosa’s next generation of fiber-fast wireless solutions have the power to bring the ultimate broadband experience to those who need it most – in this case, the underserved areas in California. We look forward to working with GeoLinks and assisting them in accelerating these critical business initiatives throughout California and beyond.”