Comba Telecom Enables Wireless BB Backbone for Indonesia’s Alfamart


Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited, a global wireless solutions provider, has won a wireless broadband network project from leading Indonesian retailer Alfamart.

The project calls for the design, supply and installation of a turnkey wireless broadband network that connects Alfamart’s chain of 10,300 stores to a private central network and replacing the leased network they had been using. Under the terms of the agreement, Comba Telecom is to provide a series of 5GHz Wi-Fi base stations, customer premise equipment (CPE) and wireless backhaul which forms the core of the bespoke secure network to handle inter-store communications and financial transactions. Broken into stages,

Comba Telecom has thus far supplied, tested and installed over 1,000 pieces of wireless equipment for the initial phase.

In addition to long term cost savings in moving to a proprietary wireless broadband network model, Alfamart will be empowered to a system that allows for point-of-sales (POS) terminals for efficient financial and inventory management. Additionally, the system can support public payment services such as utility bills and mobile phone top-up services.

Joseph Wan, General Manager of Comba Telecom Indonesia said, “We are delighted and honored to be selected by Alfamart to design and supply a wireless broadband network. We believe our dedication to the Indonesian market with dedicated sales and service capabilities allow us to be one of the few vendors with experience and scale to execute such a large scale project.”

Wan concluded, “By moving from a leased network model to a proprietary network, Alfamart will reduce their long term operating expenditure, thus contributing to their financial health. Additionally, the system will help them manage backend processes and allow for value-added services to Alfamart customers and contribute to the top line revenue.”

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