CBNG reveals new business developments to drive high-quality FWA


Cambridge Broadband Networks Group (CBNG) has revealed its newest developments, as the business pushes forward to lead the next generation of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). These key moves mark the latest step in the company’s new chapter, following the recent announcement of the CBNG rebrand.

Fulfilling its vision to remain an innovation leader for the future of FWA, CBNG is joining forces with three high-calibre partners to work in close collaboration on the continued development of existing products and the evolution of next-generation solutions.

“Following our recent transition, we are continuing to make strides in the industry and are looking forward to working with these new partners to develop solutions for the future together,” said Mark Hanman, Vice President of Research and Development and Operations at Cambridge Broadband Networks Group. “By combining our strengths with the skills of our partners, we will build upon our two decades of world-renowned expertise within the field to address the growing market demands in FWA.”

These new collaborations also allow CBNG to lead an exciting development programme looking at the evolution of next-generation FWA products that address demands for faster, more reliable connectivity. Furthermore, CBNG is significantly updating the network planning and management tools to create a seamless platform for planning, deploying and managing hardware in the field.

In addition to the partnership announcements, CBNG has been strengthened with the appointment of new talent to deepen the team’s renowned expertise further. The development team has been bolstered with the appointment of key roles including a new System Architect previously from Qualcomm and Sierra Wireless and a SaaS Platform Lead who is ex IBM and Materialise NV. These two new roles complement each other alongside the strengths of the existing team to allow for the development of an end-to-end, holistic platform.

“We are delighted to have these new recruits join our team to further expand CBNG’s technological edge for experience and innovation,” said Nigel Hall, Chief Executive Officer at Cambridge Broadband Networks Group. “With this strengthened team and new development partnerships we mark the start of an exciting future for CBNG and the FWA industry.”