Buying the Best Inverter in India: How to Find It?

Luminous Inverter

In India, our cities and villages face unannounced power cuts and choosing the best home inverter can help to solve this problem conveniently.

An inverter is an electronic device that converts mains AC current to direct current for storing power into the battery &direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) to run the connected load usually, our home appliances run on AC power.

In simple words when there is power, it stores energy (electricity) as a backup in batteries. The battery distributes power to operate home appliances in the event of a power loss.

Image Courtesy: Luminous

Buying the best inverter in India might slightly go over your budget but understand that you can save a great deal in the long run. One such brand that is the market leader in the inverter and battery segment is Luminous. They offer a comprehensive range of the best inverters in India which are reliable as well as affordable.

Here we will talk about variants of inverters offered in the market:

  1. High-Capacity Inverter

If your area faces frequent power cuts, high-capacity inverters are the great option to choose from. Find the best inverter according to your load requirement such as pumps, air conditioners, commercial establishments, and refrigerators, among other appliances.

An appropriate power backup solution that ensures low maintenance and high efficiency while being an excellent alternative to polluting diesel generators is HKVA or high-capacity inverters. Reliable brands like Luminous manufactures high-capacity inverters like iCruze super inverters that provide high-quality, consistent power backup solutions for office running and sensitive equipment.

  1. Integrated Inverter

An integrated inverter is an inverter + battery combo that is non-separable. The unit of such an inverter powers an integrated Li-ion battery. Their eco-friendly batteries are extremely powerful. They charge three times faster than a battery with lead-acid and store 15% more energy. An integrated inverter can last up to ten years and is completely sealed and practically maintenance-free. Most of these also come with smart features where users can download the mobile app and view the inverter battery’s real-time output status on the phone.

  1. Connected Inverter

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices can control or monitor the operation of the inverters. You can download the mobile app available on the IOS and Google Play store and connect it to an inverter to monitor your inverter battery’s performance statistics.

Leading brands such as Luminous sell one of India’s most intelligent connected inverters, the Zelio connected UPS Power inverter series (Zelio-I &Zelio Wi-Fi). You get state-of-the-art features like digital display, Mains By-Pass switch, and MCB security.

  1. Premium Inverter

Premium inverter comes with a digital LCD display that shows real-time data communication in terms of backup, battery charge percentage, input voltage, etc. There is a new category in the inverter industry today – Home UPS. These inverters are fitted with safety features such as the By-pass-switch, short circuit protection &MCB.

  1. Standard Inverters

With LEDs to indicate different running and fault indications, standard inverters are the largest selling inverters in the market. They can easily run a house or store loads effectively and are available at affordable rates.

As already stated, with power failures ranging from 2 to 4 hours in towns and 8 hours or more in rural areas, power supply conditions continue to be poor in India. This makes it impossible to handle everyday life, and inevitable to install backup power solutions. Hence, one must understand all their power needs and accordingly pick the best inverter.