Accenture Debuts Network Decision Platform for Telecoms to Implement 5G, Fiber Strategies


Accenture has launched its Network Decision Platform, a cloud-based solution that provides communications network operators with an integrated, end-to-end view of fifth-generation (5G), fiber and traditional mobile communications services.

Leveraging big data, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), the platform is designed to help mobile, cable and wireline operators prioritize and calibrate network investment, planning, deployment, customer acquisition, migration and intelligent service support.

The data from the Network Decision Platform provides network operators with a variety of insights, such as how to optimally deploy their network assets to offer a compelling 5G service. Wireline and cable operators can also leverage the platform to identify where to expand their fiber networks as a source for growth, and how best to compete with emerging 5G services.

“A new wave of network investment is upon us, as the race to 5G intensifies and network providers seek to evolve their footprint,” said Tejas Rao, managing director and global 5G lead for Accenture’s network practice. “Employing data analytics and visualization tools, our Network Decision Platform helps operators identify where to deploy capital efficiently, accelerate deployment timelines and calibrate their business case metrics. When combined with operational data, this can provide operators with a 360-degree view of their return on investment, deployment and operations.”

“5G will provide new growth opportunities and spur innovations for the digital economy,” said Aditya Chaudhuri, managing director and lead for Accenture’s Communications, Media & Technology practice in India. “To succeed in the 5G era, network providers will need to address several operational implications across the business ecosystem including those of investment and security. The new platform will help operators combine the power of data analytics and digital technologies for informative, insights driven decisions.”

The scalable platform takes advantage of access to a wealth of third-party data, public data, AI and machine learning to drive efficient and accurate decision-making and to automate parts of the deployment processes. Offered as a managed service or other flexible solutions based on individual operator needs, the Network Decision Platform enables clients to maintain a limited cost of ownership and to achieve results – for example, where to deploy and how to monetize the networks – in as little as six to eight weeks.

Accenture’s network practice provides consulting and technology services to help telecommunications operators accelerate the deployment of next generation networks, launch digital services and optimize network operations.