5G xHaul | NEC Unveils Automation Ecosystem

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NEC Corporation has launched an Automation Ecosystem to bolster its 5G xHaul Transformation Services, bringing communication service providers (CSPs) simplified operations, cost effectiveness and faster time-to-value for their multi-vendor based networks.

The 5G xHaul Transformation Solutions and Services are part of NEC Open Networks, a suite of solutions for realizing the real-world benefits of truly open 5G networks.

For CSPs aspiring to build momentum in the 5G era, there is an imminent demand to gain network flexibility and agility to accommodate diversified user requirements. Automation technologies will play a pivotal role in enabling efficient and reliable operations over increasingly complex transport networks.

However, incorporating automation for a multi-vendor network environment will require new capabilities, such as holistically redesigning the network architecture and its processes by breaking the silos of traditional network domains and operationalizing them with software engineering skillsets.

To address these challenges, NEC offers turn-key automation services as a part of 5G xHaul Transformation Services powered by an open ecosystem of industry leading network and software suppliers, initially including Accedian, Juniper Networks and UBiqube. Combining the network and software engineering capabilities built at the NEC 5G Transport Network Center of Excellence (CoE) with the expertise of these strategic partners, the ecosystem is aimed for providing robust automation solutions for the full lifecycle of 5G xHaul operations, including network provisioning, traffic engineering and closed-loop automation.

“Real-time tailoring of 5G performance parameters for ultra-low-latency applications and services is imperative for CSPs to monetize 5G. With NEC’s expertise, CSPs dependent on disaggregated architectures can modernize utilizing Accedian’s precision microsecond service assurance across complex ecosystems. Deploying Accedian’s cloud-native agents assures the delivery of services and applications across distributed networks with real-time visibility to achieve operational consistency, integrated lifecycle management, and automated assurance for user experience-based closed-loop automation,” said Richard Piasentin, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Accedian.

“User expectations of service experience must be exceeded for service providers to be successful. Closed-loop, intent-based automation delivers differentiated services, simplified operations, optimized capacity and increased resiliency to improve customer experience. Extensible, interoperable automation solutions with open, standard APIs are critical, helping to enable a service-assured, experience-first network. NEC’s ecosystem initiative will support service providers’ automation journey and Juniper is happy to be an active participant,” said Thomas Desrues, Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Global Systems Integrators, Juniper Networks.

“Automation is a crucial aspect of success for CSPs amid the 5G boom. NEC has been at the forefront of this practice, leveraging UBiqube’s MSActivator to deliver even greater IT agility in all layers of the infrastructure fabric, from transport to cloud. We are honored to join NEC’s Automation Ecosystem initiative and look forward to driving the next generation of innovation and simplification in infrastructure automation,” said Nabil Souli, CEO of UBiqube.

“As the Network Integrator, we are excited to pursue innovation with our partners and bring transformation that reduces customers’ operational load. NEC believes our vast experience in CSP networking and critical system integration capabilities enables us to provide invaluable advancements to our customers in the 5G era,” said Mayuko Tatewaki, General Manager, Service Provider Solutions Division, NEC Corporation.

As the global network integrator, NEC has been successfully leading several large-scale network automation projects, such as automated provisioning and migration with the services powered by this new automation ecosystem. Going forward, NEC will accelerate CSPs’ operational transformation toward intent-based networking and the successful monetization of 5G.

Picture Courtesy: Pixabay.com