5G Smartphone | Telekom Unfurls T Phone 2, T Phone 2 Pro

T Phone 2

Deutsche Telekom has unveiled the latest model of T Phone 2 and T Phone 2 Pro. The price-performance champion enters the next generation: the curtain rises on the T Phone 2 and the T Phone 2 Pro. Already the very first T Phone versions were designed to drive digital inclusion across Europe. Everyone should have the opportunity to connect with everything that is important to them at top speed – truly in the spirit of our claim “Connecting Your World”. The T Phone 2 models follow this path.

The new devices offer an attractive overall package with an optimized user experience thanks to major enhancements including a powerful processor, alongside their remarkable sustainability and affordable prices. The new T Phone devices are the second generation of models that are developed in partnership with Google.

T Phone 2

Dominique Leroy, Board Member for Europe at Deutsche Telekom AG, comments: “Whether our customers are enjoying their favorite shows on the move, video chatting with loved ones, or sharing holiday photos, our T Phone 2 and T Phone 2 Pro make staying connected easy at all times. We’re excited to offer our customers even more value, while also helping the environment and making sure more people in Europe can access digital services.”

“Our T Phone and T Phone Pro models are designed to provide everyone with affordable access to digital services without compromising on 5G. From entertainment to a variety of digital products and services, they cater to every desire. Our commitment extends further as we proudly introduce advanced successor models that not only deliver enhanced performance but also bear the #GreenMagenta label for their environmental friendliness. Deutsche Telekom is setting the standard for a connected future that is sustainable and accessible for all”, – comments Christian Loefert, Vice President Marketing Communication at Telekom Deutschland.
Sustainability meets performance: T Phone 2 and T Phone 2 Pro set new standards

The new devices demonstrate that eco-design and a convincing price-performance ratio are not mutually exclusive: T Phone 2 and T Phone 2 Pro stand out in terms of sustainability. They received excellent results in the Eco Rating. With a score of 88/100 for T Phone 2 and 84/100 for T Phone 2 Pro, both devices find themselves well ahead in the ranking.

In addition, both models are marked with the “Green Magenta” label from Deutsche Telekom. The “#GreenMagenta” label is awarded to products that make a positive contribution to climate protection and the responsible use of resources. The label serves as a guidance for customers in their purchasing decisions.

The high Eco Rating values and the Green Magenta label reflect the significant reduction in CO2 emissions through intelligent resource management. The devices are characterized by above-average recyclability and are packaged in sustainable, plastic-free materials with minimized size. The optimized use of semiconductors reduces greenhouse gas emissions during the production process.

Sustainable usage on customers’ side is facilitated by the fact that the new T Phone devices receive monthly Telekom software and security updates as well as Google System Updates for three years. In the fourth and fifth year, software updates will be available on a quarterly basis. Both models will receive two operating system upgrades.

Strong performance for every lifestyle

The heart of the new T Phone models is the Snapdragon® 6 Gen 1 processor − a breakthrough feature in this price segment. The chipset powers a high-quality experience − whether in video calls, streaming or mobile gaming.

The 6.6-inch FHD+ 120 Hz display (T Phone 2) or the 6.8-inch FHD+ AMOLED 120 Hz display (T Phone 2 Pro) ensure comfortable usage – smooth and steady thanks to 6 GB (T Phone 2) or 8 GB (T Phone 2 Pro) RAM.

50 megapixel triple camera and 8 megapixel front camera (T Phone 2) / the 50 megapixel quad camera and 16 megapixel front camera (T Phone 2 Pro) deliver precise photos. The high-resolution camera of the T Phone Pro 2 includes optical image stabilization. It makes it easy to take sharp pictures even in the most unsteady moments.
The T Phone 2 offers extensive storage space with 128 GB, the T Phone 2 Pro with 256 GB.

Both devices are equipped with a dual SIM, comprised of nano SIM and eSIM, the latter being a further standout in this price range.
The T Phone 2 is available in Arctic Gray color and the T Phone 2 Pro in Azurite Blue color.

Simultaneous launch in multiple European countries and the USA
T Phone 2 and T Phone 2 Pro will be available starting May 23 in ten European markets: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. T-Mobile US will be simultaneously launching these new devices under the REVVL brand in the US market. Prices vary depending on the country. In Germany, for example, the T Phone 2 costs 1 euro on the MagentaMobil S tariff with smartphone and the T Phone 2 Pro costs 49.95 euros on the same tariff. Without a tariff, the T Phone 2 costs 199 euros and the T Phone 2 Pro 299 euros.