10 Biggest Telecommunications Companies


One of the most powerful aspects of IT in the modern era is the ease of communication and the internet. The internet’s speed and connectivity is increasing and IT is coming up with new, better and more powerful means of communication on a regular basis. This is all thanks to the telecommunication companies.

Although there are plenty of telecommunication companies that operate on a global scale, there are a few big giants of the industry that are known for their extensive set of services and an even larger revenue. If you are interested in finding out about those companies, here is a list of the ten biggest telecommunication companies that are known for their various types of IT services.

1. AT&T:

AT&T is a telecommunication company based in the US and has reportedly earned a revenue of around one hundred and eighty billion dollars over the last year. They have more than one hundred and seventy nine million employees and are known to be the pioneer of the most reliable and rapidly growing wireless networking services. An interesting fact about the company is the fact that it is a subsidiary of Bell Telephone Company that was founded by the investor of telephone Graham Bell himself!

2. Verizon Wireless:

With an annual revenue of around one hundred and thirty billion dollars, it is a New Jersey based company that is also popular for their creative and innovative television commercials. Their 4G network is said to cover around ninety eight percent of the American region with an expansion in nearly four hundred and fifty cities.

3. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NT&T):

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone is a Japanese company that was founded in 1952. Therefore, it is needless to say that they have been in the industry for quite some time and have ample experience in the field. From telephone services, mobile services and even internet services – they have a wide range of services that they provide for their customers.

4. Comcast:

Comcast is amongst the world’s leading cable TV service providers who have recently introduced their cell phone services. They are known to offer the most reliable set of LTE services and cover a total of nineteen million WiFi hotspots all around the United States of America. They are well established in the field of internet services but are now striving to gain customers for their mobile services as well.

5. Deutsche Telekom:

From fixed line services, mobile phone services, broadband, digital media, IT services and even networking solutions – you name it and Deutsche Telekom will offer and deliver. The company is based in Bonn but their services have an extensive radius and cover Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and even some regions of Montenegro.

6. SoftBank:

Founded in 1981 with a headquarter in Tokyo, SoftBank is another Japanese telecommunication company that is known for not only their extensive telecommunication services but also services involving Internet Of Things, E-commerce, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. They are known for their partnerships with other leading telecommunication service providers which enables them to expand the scope of their services and serve their clients in the best manner possible. The company is growing at a rapid rate and does not seem to be slowing down any time soon.

7. Telefonica:

Telefonica is a Spanish telecommunication company. They have their headquarters in Madrid and are renowned for being amongst the leading telecommunication service providers in the state of Mexico. Their services are not limited to Mexico, rather are available across South America, Germany, Spain and even the UK.

8. America Movil:

American Movil is another company that is based in Mexico city. They offer a wide range of services including digital television, IPTV, broadband, mobile phone services and IoT services. Their network of services is quite extensive and people from American and Europe also enjoy their high quality services. They boast the label of being the country’s largest mobile operators and their services are totally inline with this claim.

9. China Telecom:

China Telecom is a popular chinese telecommunication company that provides fixed line telephone services,mobile telephone services and digital television subscription services. The company is renowned and has a wide range of high quality services and now is also diving into the domain of Internet of Things. Their services are popular amongst not only individual clients and subscribers but many companies and enterprise scale businesses also swear by their services.

10. Vodafone:

Many people generally assume that Vodafone is an Indian company. However, in reality, this company founded in 1991 was founded in London and is a UK based telecommunication company. They have partner services that are available in around forty three countries. The company’s IT Support services are directly accessible in twenty five countries. Vodafone is listed as one of the largest and most reliable telecommunication service providers on a global scale.