Vivo V11 Pro ‘In-Display Fingerprint Scanner’: Vivo’s Commitment to Embrace Innovation


When it comes to delivering one next-generation innovation after another – Vivo stays on the forefront by bringing out innovations in its smartphones. And the company’s latest – the Vivo V11 Pro is no different.

The smartphone comes packed with the 4th Generation In-Display Fingerprint Scanner which is swift and gives secure access to the smartphone. This innovation is not only for Vivo customers but gives a new direction to the smartphone industry, in general.

How does the In-Display Fingerprint Scanner work?

The foundation of Vivo’s in-display fingerprint scanner lies within its optical technology. When a user touches the screen – the AMOLED display emits light to illuminate the user’s finger and the exact pattern of the user’s fingerprint is matched with the pre-recorded version. This is done with the help of light which is reflected and captured by a sensor which is embedded just below the display element.

The light sensor of this device is able to detect troughs and crests of every fingerprint pressed against the display – much more accurately when compared to any other fingerprint scanning technology. This also translates into an unprecedented ease of use for all users.

In order to ensure an accurate and fast result, the display also requires a small amount of pressure to be applied to the screen’s surface. The result is absolutely lightening fast In-Display Fingerprint Scanner technology that is taking smartphone innovation a notch up and has moved towards perfection. And most importantly, the Vivo V11 Pro is a great example of delivering technology at an affordable price point.

New Features

As well as added convenience, Vivo’s In-Display Fingerprint Technology introduces the ability to register multiple fingerprints at once. The in-display scanner’s multi-touch technology also allows to set-up two fingerprints.

Big Advantages of the In-Display Fingerprint Technology

The In-Display Fingerprint Technology in the Vivo V11 Pro offers users unprecedented ease of access, and allows users to register multiple fingerprints. However, the best part about this technology is that it takes smartphone security to another level, making it a must-have feature in all phones.

To say the least, Vivo is creating a new path for true next-generation innovation by delivering future-ready technology in the hands of its users.