Verizon Launches 5G Home in Detroit

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Verizon 5G Home is now available in the Motor City. Residents in parts of Metro Detroit can now sign up for Verizon’s blazing fast 5G Home Internet – the perfect option for those of us that are working from home, homeschooling kids, or just enjoy binging content or powering a smart home.

“Detroit customers now have access to the next generation of lightning fast home broadband internet service,” said Frank Boulben, SVP consumer marketing and products at Verizon. “5G Home Internet on Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband Network will provide customers with flexibility, freedom and choice that enables a whole new world of experiences in the comfort of the home, something more useful now than perhaps ever before.”

Why 5G Home Internet?

5G Home is the backbone for your digital home. The new service comes with the latest Wi-Fi 6 Router, so you can enjoy peak speeds of up to 1 Gbps1; that means multiple devices running at the same time for all your connectivity needs.

The Router also features Amazon Alexa Built-in, allowing customers to control smart home devices, hear the news, ask questions and access more than 100,000 skills – hands-free. Tired of waiting on the cable installer? Even the set-up process is fast; you can do Self Setup with 5G Home Internet on your own time with minimal effort.

For all your Entertainment Needs

Verizon is teaming up with the best content providers in the industry to give you access and exclusive offers for the content and entertainment you want most. Customers will enjoy YouTube TV for one month, Disney+ for one year and gaming on Google Stadia for three months, all at no additional cost.2 Stadia is the perfect way to game without relying on costly hardware, and it plays smoothly with a 5G Home Internet connection.

Customers who sign up for 5G Home Internet can also snag a free Stream TV device, which delivers access to an extensive library of OTT channels, apps and entertainment, including Netflix and Amazon Prime.

5G Acceleration & Expansion

Verizon continues to expand 5G home and mobile coverage across the country. This month, customers in parts of Indianapolis and Los Angeles will have access to enhanced 5G Home service, and by the end of 2020, 5G Home Internet will be available in 10 cities nationwide. Recently, Verizon announced additional implementation milestones including San Diego as the 35th 5G Ultra Wideband mobile market, uploads on 5G, a new virtual 5G lab and more ecosystem partners to speed 5G acceleration and development.