Use of mobile data in Finland reaches 13GB per month

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The volume of mobile data used in Finland in Elisa’s network has reached a record high. The average use of a data user in August was over 13 GB per subscription.

Finland is the number one country in the world in the use of mobile data. The increase in the volume of mobile data in August was particularly influenced by following and streaming the Olympic Games on mobile devices.

The volume of data transmitted in Elisa’s mobile network is at a record high. The usage volume of mobile data is now 60 percent higher than the corresponding period last year. The average use volume in August is over 13 gigabytes per data user, which is equivalent to over three full-length HD movies, for example.

“The volume of mobile data is increasing generally, but the Rio Olympics are also the reason for the growth in August. Major sports events are always of interest to the public, and with mobile data, the events can be followed regardless of location,” says Sami Komulainen, vice president of mobile network services at Elisa.

4G has increased exponentially

Over 75 percent of all data traffic in Elisa’s mobile network is transmitted over the 4G network, meaning that customers have increasingly adopted the 4G network instead of 3G. The milestone of a million users was exceeded in April.

“The volume of 4G data has increased by over 110 percent year-on-year. Even though streaming and the popularity of gaming are particularly significant for the growth in data volume, further increase in the capacity and coverage of the high-speed 4G network were major factors in the growth in the volume of 4G data. Already, over 98 percent of Finns live in areas covered by Elisa’s comprehensive 4G mobile network,” says Komulainen.

Mobile data usage volumes in Finland are the highest in the world

According to a survey released by research company Tefficient in July, Finland is the number one country in the world in the use of mobile data: approximately 5 GB per sim-card per month.

Elisa’s customers are exceptionally active internet users. The data volumes transmitted through the network prove that over 98 percent of Finns live in areas covered by the high-speed 4G network. Tefficient’s study indicates that Elisa is among the global operators transmitting the most data.

The explosive increase in mobile data is the result of, among other things, the growing use of video services and the expansion of the high-speed 4G network. Elisa is making significant investments in the development and expansion of 4G networks, and it was the first telecom in the world to achieve a speed of 1.9 Gbit/s in a 4G test network.

The low subscription prices are also significant. Elisa’s subscriptions are among the world’s most affordable subscriptions, and unlimited data allows the worry-free use of the connection.