The Best Android Games to Play in 2020


While we approach the end of 2019 with only three months left until the new year, we have something to look forward to, a new year of mobile gaming. The mobile gaming industry is one of the most booming ones to be looking at as a gamer.

With all the latest games being released, they are mostly all focused on mobile gamers. This means that the latest releases are developed using state-of-the-art gaming technology which enhances graphics, sound and user interface capabilities. With all of these releases scheduled to come into production and upon completion, be released at the end of 2019 beginning of 2020, we couldn’t wait to have a look. Here is our rather interesting discovery, have a look here or down below.

Mario Kart Tour

We all need a little Mario in our lives and 2020 will bring exactly that to our Android devices. The game is loosely based on the Nintendo’s classic kart racing series but with more functionality and characters to choose from. The bonus feature in this game is the golden stars you collect along your quests which awards you with new characters, karts and loads more.

Minecraft Earth

Another superb game to anticipate in 2020 is the newest release from Microsoft, Minecraft Earth. What makes this so unique is the AR (augmented reality) technology used in production to deliver a gratifyingly exclusive mobile experience. The secret lies within the capability of allowing your buildings to be placed in the real world through your camera lens. Invite your gaming buddies on this journey.

Pokemon Masters

Not to be forgotten, Pokemon Masters is the newest addition for fans. The series has a sort of unique spin on it, so if you were a fan before, you will love the unique approach to this rendition of Pokemon. Create a winning team of masters to enter tournaments and get ultimate rewards.

Bad North

If strategy is your thing, Bad North is your game. The game focuses on a more dated scene where Vikings try to invade your land and your goal is to defend everything that is yours. The Theme of the game is simplistic yet strategized.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Need we say more? This android game has been designed as a multiplayer shooter game which allows you to create your own teams in up to 5 modes. Download the game to unlock one of the 5 modes. One of the most attractive features is the Battle Royale mode exclusive to the mobile version of Call of Duty.

Forza Street

For those already familiar with with the Forza series, this new addition is a welcomed one. Forza Street is all about street racing and taking speed to new heights. What makes this game so unique is the arcade-like experience players are graced with as they download the 2020 version of the game.

Be sure to stay connected to all the latest news regarding 2020 Android gaming releases, you never know what’s lurking around the corner and the game could have your name written all over it.