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Curvalux, CBNG merge to drive innovation in wireless access

A merger between Curvalux UK Ltd and Cambridge Broadband Networks Group (CBNG) was completed to achieve the technology innovation required to realise the ever-increasing...

How Orange is supporting energy saving plan in France

Faced with the energy crisis, Orange is implementing its energy saving plan to support objectives to reduce electricity consumption in France. During peak consumption, Orange...

Translucia, Sunovatech to build US$3B Interconnected Metaverses

Translucia, a subsidiary of T&B Media Global (Thailand), has announced its entry into Indian market by forging a partnership with Sunovatech India, a specialist...

Nextlink picks Nokia to roll out multi-gig broadband in 12 states

Nokia has announced that Nextlink Internet, a rural-based and rural-focused operator in the U.S., has chosen its XGS-PON solution to support network growth, connecting...

NTT Ltd. Names Eric Clark as Americas CEO

NTT Ltd., a global IT infrastructure and services company, has announced Eric Clark as the CEO of its Americas division, effective October 1, 2022....