Sponsored Data: U2opia Mobile forays into Asia, Africa with FonePass Suite


U2opia Mobile, a global mobile technology player, has launched its sponsored data suite, FonePass across markets in Asia, Africa and Middle-East.

FonePass is a holistic data solutions suite that offers a slew of products catering to enterprise and consumer needs. Through the launch of FonePass, U2opia Mobile has reinstated its leadership position in the dynamic sponsored data space.

DataPass, the enterprise rewards platform under FonePass provides brands and IoT providers in these regions with solutions that allow them to increase visibility and engagement around their products and services.

Smart mobile devices are rapidly becoming universally adopted throughout the world, enabling innovative smart services, specifically in the emerging economies of Asia, Africa and Middle East.

According to a recent report by IHS, smartphones and tablets make up more than 80 percent of connected devices in Africa and the Middle East. With the smartphone and smart devices penetration on a steady rise in these regions, there is immense opportunity for brands and IoT providers to offer great data experiences to the end users.

To fuel this transformation and accelerate mobile data consumption, DataPass is a unique and innovative enterprise data offering which provides bulk data packs to brands in order to gratify their end consumers with free data. DataPass will help brands and companies providing IoT enabled devices to avoid complicated processes and hassles of contacting different operators within their region to serve all needs of customers at once. DataPass will act as a catalyst for brands to provide sponsored data to their customers in return of brand engagement.

For the operator, this offers new revenue streams from publishers and advertisers, increasing partnership opportunities to open up entirely new sources of alternate revenue and also enables their subscribers greater value while monetizing its mobile data network.

Sumesh Menon, CEO and Co-Founder, U2opia Mobile said “U2opia Mobile is at the center of mobile data revolution, and we aim to launch technology that drives connectivity, fuels transformation and helps businesses drive engagement. Users in emerging markets are increasingly demanding data connectivity but the unavailability and exorbitant costs continues to leave millions of mobile users, in information darkness. U2opia Mobile’s sponsored data platform, FonePass, is working with operators and Local- Global advertisers and publishers across geographies, to ensure data is more accessible and affordable via our patented solution.”