Smartron Ready to Rejuvenate ‘Make in India’, Focus on IoT and Cloud

By Zia Askari |

At a time when the government of India is going all out towards driving local ICT manufacturing in the country, Smartron – the latest venture from Mahesh Lingareddy, is set to focus around the next generation IoT and cloud technologies and create global opportunities while utilizing the local manufacturing ecosystem of the country.

Speaking about the innovation driven venture, Mahesh Lingareddy, Founder and Chairman, Smartron India, said, “At this time, we are only prepared to discuss broadly the motivation behind bringing a platform like smartron and its founding vision and mission. The product mix is going to be broad touching mobile to home to enterprise leveraging IoT, cloud and crowd technologies,” he adds on. 

Thriving on a unique business model focused around utilizing India’s local manufacturing capabilities – coupled with the company’s global vision – Smartron will be working on several products – starting from smartphones to Internet of Things and Crowd Technologies as well. “We are working on several products targeting mobile, home and enterprise marketing leveraging IoT, cloud and crowd technologies. We are looking at launching some of the products in and around new year,” he explains.

When asked about the go to market strategy for Smartron, Mahesh explains that once the products are out in the market, the company will have a mix of online as well as offline strategy.

“It will involve a mix of online and offline. Some of the products might be skewed more towards online while others could be more successful through offline. As part of its platform vision, Smartron is aggressively bringing people and teams on-board. In addition, we are working with several other external teams to bring in more products to the market quickly,” he added.