Seven Ways a Smartphone can Make your Life Easier


Why are smartphones good, you ask? They can make your life so much easier, both short-and long-term. Try a smartphone for a couple of days, and you will never go back! Everything from apps to photo editing is available in a good smartphone – you’ll wonder how you managed without one. Smartphones are the pinnacle of our technology, because it is a real, live pocket computer. It’s not only for people who work in technology and computing. This is for everybody to use and love. You’ll find phones make your life easier in many ways, but this article has the top seven in it.

Call the Person, Avoid Texting

Rather than texting all the time, why not reach out by actually phoning someone? The current joke is that people use their phones as anything but! That doesn’t always have to be true. People who give essay writing help have shown that phoning somebody can boost happiness. Boosting happiness sounds all right to us. Give it a shot!

So many people text because it is supposed to be easier. What is easier than phoning than talking to someone? All you need is their number, which you will have if you have already texted them before. Phoning somebody lets them hear your voice, and lets you both hear each other laughing while sharing memories. Even if you have never phoned someone before, just give it a go! You won’t know what it’s like until you try.

Organize Everything

Being disorganized can be very unpleasant, can’t it? Having a smartphone will make your life so much easier because of various apps. Having a smartphone can make you happier, because it can help you control your life and organise it.

Even just using the basic apps which come with the phone itself can help with organisation. The calendar app is there for appointments, the notes apps for lists. There is a clock app that will do everything from tell the time to tell you when you should go to bed.

You can get apps of any description in the store, for any of your needs.

Create your Own Memories

For seniors, new technology can sometimes be hard to grasp. But once they do, the potential for their own lives is immense. A smartphone is packed with ways to create new memories, and packed with storage to keep them in.

For someone who is getting older, being able to create a digital photo album might be very welcome. At the click of a button, they can create a memory, and access it whenever they like.

Both videos and photos can be sorted into specific albums. Each album can then be accessed individually by whoever is using the phone at that time.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are something I think we can all agree are good. Instead of being tethered to a bank for every payment, you can do it on the go! And mobile payments can literally be done on the go….have you forgotten to pay a bill? No problem! Just pay it on the spot! Even the best website to pay for essays has options for mobile payments. It’s become that ubiquitous that mobile payments are often simply included in any payment package, to be used as and when needed. Try mobile payments out now – see how much easier they make your life. You’ll never go back afterwards.

Try Something New, Don’t Hesitate

Does getting a new phone make you happier? That really depends on what you are using it for. There are plenty of default ways that a phone can make you happier, certainly. You have easy access to photos and the internet, among other things. What a phone really does, though, is it makes it easier to try new things. Something you haven’t even thought about before could now be open to you!

Think about new hobbies – you might find that there is a shop or a class for those hobbies near you that you didn’t know about. If you want to start running, there are plenty of apps around to help you. Try the Couch to 5k app, and move on from there.

Having a smartphone makes it so much easier to try new things. You can easily find groups for any subject you like. These groups can be online, or they can be offline, but the internet can really bring people together. You could find interests that you never even knew were possible before. When it comes to a smartphone, the sky really is the limit.

It is Easy to Get New Information

A smartphone gives you immediate and easy access to the internet. This is convenient for any number of reasons – as with paying bills above- but it has other uses. Anybody who is looking for essay writing help can quickly and easily look for answers if they have a smartphone.

This help can range from getting in touch with an essay service, or simply looking up some grammar basics. New information is quite literally at your fingertips, on any subject you might care to name. Why not take advantage?

Helpful Apps

There are so many helpful apps in the world today, why would you not have a look at them? There are apps for quite literally everything in the world today. No matter what you want to do, there’s an app for it. Sometimes several. Anybody who wants to do an English essay will find that there are so many apps out there to help from, from apps that can guide them through the whole process, to apps that check for spelling and grammar mistakes.

There are apps for everything you could possibly need, which is one reason that smartphones can make life easier. Do you need a map? There’s an app for that. Do you need a child lock for your phone? There’s an app for that. No matter what you need, there’s an app out there that’s the perfect fit for you.


The top seven ways to make your life easier, using just a smartphone. It’s an easy addition to your life, for so many benefits. Think of how many memories you will be able to build up using a phone. Memories that are immortalised in videos and photos, yes. But also memories from groups and activities that you found through your smartphone. Hopefully this article has given you some great ideas for how you could use a smartphone in your life. It’s up to you to find even more. Pick up a smartphone today, and see where it takes you.