SCF, Reliance Jio to Host Densification Summit in Mumbai

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Small Cell Forum (SCF), the telecoms organization driving universal cellular coverage, and Reliance Jio, the leading Indian mobile network operator (MNO), will host the world’s first Densification Summit in Mumbai, October 4-5.

The event, open to both SCF members and non-members, will focus on sharing the Forum’s expertise in network densification with players in the world’s fastest-growing telecoms market, whilst also gathering insight and requirements to aid in India’s seamless transition to a 5G future.

Densification is the most important trend in mobile network deployment, and in few markets is the shift being seen so dramatically as in India. With the prospect of subscriber numbers hitting one billion before the end of the decade and the impending arrival of 5G networks – which rely heavily on network density – operators have no choice but to add capacity and coverage as rapidly and cost-effectively as they can.

The event will provide a uniquely detailed and real-world view of Indian operators’ challenges, requirements and deployment plans, and will offer a chance to hear about the deployment vision and requirements of mobile operators in the country.

Hosts Reliance Jio provides an excellent case study of how small cells can transform the speed and cost of network roll-out, especially when they are deployed in a variety of environments, and combine cellular with Wi-Fi. The operator has prioritized low cost, flexible architectures, including easily deployable solutions for both indoor and outdoor small cells.

These approaches are central to SCF’s work, and by combining them with the real-world experiences of Reliance Jio, will help deepening ties with operators, vendors and regulators operating in the sub-continent. That will make the SCF event in Mumbai uniquely valuable to any organization, anywhere in the world, which needs to understand the particular needs of India and its neighbors.

“A year ago, India was ranked 155th in broadband index. Now, India is number one in the world for mobile data consumption. At Jio we have embraced small cells as part of our wireless network. We have taken innovative approaches to technology and business models. Reliance Jio looks forward to continue working with the Small Cell Forum as technologies advance to 5G, cloud computing, the internet of things, and more” said Tareq Amin, SVP Technology Development and Automation from Reliance Jio. “We are delighted to be working with SCF and to host this international event with a primary focus on India.”

“This event provides a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate SCF’s collective, collaborative vision in one of the world’s fastest growing telecoms markets, and give context to those wishing to play a role in building its future,” said David Orloff, Chair at Small Cell Forum. “The insights of Reliance Jio and other Indian stakeholders into these critical issues will be extremely valuable for SCF members from around the world, taking the global technical perspective, combing it with local inputs to help tailor it to the specific requirements of this exciting and dynamic market.”

There will be a wide range of operators, vendors, industry partners and integrators to offer regional and national perspectives.