SaskTel begins 5G deployment in Saskatchewan


SaskTel has begun deployment of its 5G wireless network. Delivering ultra-fast data speeds, massive network capacity, and near instantaneous connection, SaskTel’s 5G network sets a new standard for connectivity in Saskatchewan. Initially launching in parts of Regina, SaskTel plans to expand its 5G network throughout Regina and Saskatoon in Spring 2022.

“Our government understands how critical wireless technology is to our economy and the province as a whole,” said Don Morgan, Minister Responsible for SaskTel . “SaskTel’s 5G network will be a foundational component to Saskatchewan’s economic growth, as it will help to drive innovation across every major industry while also enhancing our ability to connect to one another.”

SaskTel Logo

“Today’s announcement is the beginning of something big for SaskTel and Saskatchewan. Since we first introduced wireless service to the province in 1989, we have worked tirelessly to deliver the best possible experience for our customers, investing hundreds of millions of dollars and countless people-hours to expand and evolve our networks,” said Doug Burnett, SaskTel President and CEO. “We are thrilled to bring the next-generation of wireless technology to our customers. Not only does it further enhance their ability to connect to the world around them, it also sets the stage for technological innovations that will improve the quality of life in our wonderful province.”

Powered by Samsung, SaskTel’s 5G network will enable new use cases that have the ability to revolutionize connectivity and further transform the modern world. Much like 4G wireless service ushered in the app economy and greatly expanded the use of mobile video, 5G service will serve as the foundation for next-generation innovations in agri-tech, smart cities, virtual health, Internet of Things (IoT) technology, online gaming, and many other industries. Additionally, as with past generations of wireless technology, the full benefits of 5G will be realized as the network matures and as app-creators, tech start-ups and others tap into the network’s true potential.

Added Burnett, “In addition to delivering improved connectivity for customers in the Regina area today, this initial launch also provides us with a unique opportunity to perform tests in a real world setting which will help us to optimize the network’s performance and our deployment strategies moving forward.”

In order to enjoy the benefits of 5G service, SaskTel customers will need to be within a 5G coverage area, have a 5G capable device that is certified for use on the SaskTel 5G network and subscribe to a 5G compatible wireless plan.