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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review |

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the company’s flagship tablet for this year and comes packed with a powerful Snapdragon 855 SoC and an equally stunning AMOLED display.

Priced at INR 59,900, this can be great tool to enhance your productivity and entertainment at the same time. It can be a great choice for you in case you are looking to replace your laptop.

Galaxy Tab S6 Design

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has been launched in India at a price tag of INR 59,900 for the LTE model. As a flagship tablet model, the Tab S6 offers an amazingly well crafted AMOLED display, a powerful Snapdragon 855 chipset, a combination of sleek metal and glass design language and a great battery life that easily goes beyond a full day of usage.

This tablet carries forward the unique stamp of great quality that comes with all of Samsung products. While reviewing the product, I simply loved this form factor. This is specially a wonderful product for those who want to work as well as watching content and playing games as well.

Innovatively delivering productivity and entertainment gains in day to day life – this device comes as a beautiful converged product that is ideal for today’s life schedules.

It is 244.5 x 159.5 x 5.7 mm in dimensions and weighs around 420 grams, which makes it a slim, handy and easy to hold for long sessions. It has curved edges and its metallic construction makes this tablet quite easy to grip.

The Tab S6 comes in Mountain Gray and Cloud Blue colors in India. Samsung Tab S6 supports the S Pen, and Samsung has created a stylus-shaped curved depression on the back of the Tab S6 to support the Pen.

Giving this product a refreshingly interesting look and feel – Samsung has developed a new keyboard cover for the Tab S6. Instead of it being one single piece, this new keyboard case comes in two pieces, where the back cover can be easily attached to the back of the tablet and the keyboard can be attached separately using magnetic pins.

The back cover of Tab S6 has a flap on the top that can be pulled down to remove the S Pen. This also offers a nice protective cover for the stylus as well. And yes, by separating the two covers, you can quite easily remove the keyboard when you don’t need it.

Tab S6 Display

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 offers a 10.5-inch (2560×1600) Super AMOLED display which is quite good when it comes to enabling great experience. It comes with 16:10 aspect ratio which is quite ideal for watching video content as well as playing games full of complex graphics.

And most importantly, this product comes with quad speaker system which is powered by Dolby Atmos and this makes your media experience, nothing less than not notch.

Galaxy Tab S6 Performance and Software

Galaxy Tab S6 is powered by Snapdragon 855 SoC and this is backup up by 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Whether it is watching videos or browsing through apps, playing games or listening to music – owing to this powerful configuration – we did not experience any kind of lag in its performance.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 comes packed with an S Pen, which is a great accessory to work on and can actually elevate your productivity to the next level. It is quite handy for making quick notes on the Tab.

What’s most interesting is that – with the help of Bluetooth support and Air Actions, the S Pen can be used as a remote, and it can remotely support actions browsing through the gallery, taking a picture, switching to the selfie camera, etc by pressing the button or using gestures.

Galaxy Tab S6 Battery

Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 comes with an awesome 7,040mAh battery which is quite sufficient to offer great all-day battery life support. While reviewing the product, I used this to watch videos, checking my emails – and the overall experience was quite good. It came out as a great mobility companion.

The battery supported all the tasks that I did and by the end of the day, we still had 20-30 per cent battery left. Tab S6 supports fast charging and as a result it takes a little over two hours to fully charge the 7,040mAh battery of this device.

Final Verdict

One of the biggest advantages of this product comes in the form of media experience that it offers and it is powered by its crisp AMOLED display which is also a major reason why you should prefer this product over an iPad.

Priced at INR 59,900 Tab S6 is a premium tablet and it comes with 16:10 aspect and its quad speakers clubbed with Dolby Atmos capability – makes the Tab S6 a unique positioned productivity cum entertainment device. If you’re looking for a tablet that can replace your laptop, this can be the best choice.