Qualcomm, BT Group Announce 5G Lab R&D Facilities

EE and BT

Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd., and BT Group announced the continuation of their collaboration with 5G lab facilities installed in the Qualcomm Technologies office in Farnborough, United Kingdom.

The facilities include 5G test labs with BT Group’s live environment installed, providing a platform for Qualcomm Technologies and BT Group, which runs the EE mobile network in the UK, to continue to test and validate new 5G advanced technologies that will help with faster deployment and commercialization of next generation 5G features and services.

Qualcomm Logo

This is testament to the ongoing collaboration in technology between the two companies that has been taking place for over a decade. From the early days of 4G to the development of 5G, this collaboration has grown from strength to strength.

Vikrant Jain, Director, Business Development, Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. says: “We are excited to announce our collaboration with BT for testing and validation of new 5G features / next generation 5G services. Our state-of-the-art lab facilities will help facilitate and speed up the time-to-market, which means customers can benefit from the new technology sooner. We value our relationship and that has been running for over a decade, and we would like to thank BT for their continued support on this advancing innovation and we look forward to what else is to come for us in the technology space in the future.”

Naveen Khapali, Senior Manager, Device Technology at BT Group, says: “By working directly with Qualcomm Technologies in an embedded 5G lab, we’ll be able to realise the benefits of closer working, helping to bring the next generation of technology to our customers sooner.”