Online Vs. in Person Poker


Poker might just be one of the most popular online gambling games around. It has a huge player base and is enjoyed all over the world.

Something that sets poker apart from many other gambling games is that it involves a lot of skill and a little bit of luck.

With a game that has been around for so long, it isn’t surprising that there are some cool facts about it.

Fun facts about poker

January 1, 1998, was when the first online real-money game was played. This was the start of poker becoming popular online.

There are several variations of poker. High / Low Chicago, Follow the Queen, Texas Hold ‘Em, 7-Card Stud, 5-Card Stud, and Omaha are the most popular.

The first televised poker tournament was in 1973 and was the World Series of Poker.

In 2010 poker became known as a mind sport, and poker players can now refer to themselves as athletes.

The longest poker game ever played was 8 years long and held at the Bird Cage theater (according to folklore). It started in 1881, and it is said to have lasted 8 years, 5 months, and 3 days.

In May 2003, Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker Main Event with a $39 online qualifier and went on to win $2.5 million in cash.

The online gambling and casino market is worth a huge 2261.79 billion USD.

The biggest ever poker win was Antonio Esfandiari, who won $18.3 million in cash.

Globally, more than 100 million people play poker online.

The first poker chips were made out of bone, ivory, wood, and clay.

Poker moves online

Poker had been making moves to the online world very early. Online poker was initially played via Internet Relay Chat format.

As mentioned in the fun facts, on the date 1/1/1998, poker has its inaugural online match for money.

Since then, it has become a global phenomenon.

Online poker meant that more people had access to the game and the learning tools required to play it well.

There are over 1 million searches for online poker in the US, making it one of the most popular games by far.

Surprisingly, even though Indonesia has banned gambling, they see a lot of traffic to over 4000 poker websites.

Brazil is known as the most significant poker lovers. 60% of the adult population play poker, and since there are only 10 casinos – online poker is favored.

But there will always be a debate about which is better, online poker or in-person poker.  

Online Vs. in Person Poker

The idea behind poker is to make sure that you are maximizing your chances of winning. Online poker tends to consistently offer more bang for your buck.

Reasons why online poker is superior 


Online poker is more accessible, you can play on the move through via mobile. While some operators have designed software specifically for mobile players.


Online poker offers multiple game types all in one portal. If you want to play a few games of poker, you can. Taking a little break to play slots, bingo, or other? It’s easy to do with the touch of a few buttons.

Developers are continually making progress on the themes and types of tables available. Poker 8 enables players to customise the tables, so players can play with the design they want, including eight backgrounds to choose from, ten different decks, and four card faces, making it easier to play at different tables simultaneously.

A limited selection of games does mean a limited ability to win and a much short game time.

No tells

If you have an obvious tell, the last thing you want to do is display it at a live poker table. It won’t be long before expert players notice your tell, and you are squeezed from the table.

Online allows you to celebrate a great hand or commiserate a bad one – without anyone knowing.

Keeping those tells to yourself can give you the upper hand.


There is no way when playing in-person poker that you can sit in on multiple poker games at once.

However, online poker gives you that option.

So long as your internet connection is stable and you have multiple screens to work with, you can play multiple tables.

Just keep in mind that the more tables you are playing at, the less time you will have to make notes on the other players.


In the middle of an in-person poker game, you don’t have time to make notes about how people are playing.

Online poker gives you the time to make notes, and sometimes within the player interface.

These notes become more valuable as your gaming session goes on, and indeed, they can give you the upper hand.

Playing the players is when you begin to watch how a player plays and adjust your play style or tactics to beat them – based on how they play.


Online poker offers everyone the opportunity to play anonymously.

If you have a recognizable face or name or are known for playing incredible poker, this can change the dynamics of an in-person poker game.

You can protect your identity and play in peace.


Online gambling and online poker give you access to big bonuses. When you head to a casino, they will not provide you with a stack of chips to match what you buy.

Yet, that is exactly what happens online. You can get a matched deposit, free cash, free plays, VIP table options, and more.

These bonuses give you more cash to work with, which increases your chances of walking away with winnings.

Some people note that they enjoy poker’s social side, so online casinos added chat room options. Those who wish to chat can, and those who don’t can have a relaxed game.

Online poker has all of the most vital features of an excellent poker match, without some of the potential drawbacks (live showing your tell). You can even play more games simultaneously.

For ease of access, simple formats, and an increased chance of winning when it comes to online vs. in-person poker?

Online poker has the winning hand.