Network Transformation: Ooredoo Selects RanPlan’s DAS, HetNets for Global Footprint


Ooredoo, the international telecommunications company headquartered in Doha, Qatar, will be using the advanced features and functionality of Ranplan’s RF indoor planning tool iBuildNet for the design and optimisation of complex in-building DAS and Small Cell HetNets for Ooredoo’s
global footprint.

“We are delighted that Ooredoo has chosen to adopt iBuildNet and we are committed to supporting Ooredoo’s standards of delivering the best network performance and user experience for indoor environments,” said Farouq Mustafa, VP Sales of Middle East and Africa at Ranplan. “iBuildNet provides unique simulation capabilities for multiple network services at a mobile device level, which assists RF engineers in evaluating the quality of service, even in the most complicated deployments.”

“Whilst we build modern and smart networks across our footprint, providing 3G, 4G and soon 5G services to our customers, Ooredoo is also partnering with world-class companies as part of its efforts to enhance its customers’ data experience and allow them to enjoy the internet more. Ranplan’s state-of-the-art RF indoor planning solution will help us design our indoor networks in offices, shopping malls, underground rail systems, stadia and many other facilities and will enable us to keep pace with growing coverage needs and all the complexities that come with 5G and the Internet of Things,” said Dr. Robert Joyce, Ooredoo Group Head of Radio Access Technology.

iBuildNet is a cost-effective and flexible, all-in-one solution that includes 3D modelling with a fast and accurate true 3D ray-tracing propagation engine, along with powerful data analysis to automatically optimise AP locations, antenna type, power and channel assignment for dense DAS, Small Cell and HetNet deployments.

“In addition to dealing with complex structures, terrains and materials, radio planning for indoor environments must also take into account issues such as interference with macro cells and support for multiple-system technologies,” said Alastair Williamson, CEO at Ranplan. “Our iBuildNet products represent a new generation of hybrid RF indoor and outdoor planning and optimisation tools that meet these challenges and are proven to reduce the cost of designing and deploying Small Cells and HetNets.”